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Budlovskis - 12/12 From Seed - LED & CFL Journal - THC Bomb & Multiple Strains

Sir Budlovski

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Hey all
As some would know I'm doing some 12/12 from seed growing for awhile because of electricity cost and low funds atm and speedy harvests, plus I've got some freebie fem seeds, reg seeds and a lot of bagseeds.

Strains i have started so far are THC bom(reg), WoS Amnesia(fem), double Jacky widow(fem), and a bagseed.
I have many others to use but I've only started 4 so far due to the fact I have a fem strawberry cough taking up space flowering.

Lights ill be using are my LEDs 3 each 180 actual watts, 40watt cfl globes and a tube fluorescent of which I'm unsure of watts and model at this time.

My medium of choice is Canna Coco, perlite and propagation sand with seeds starting in jiffy pellets.
Nutrients I'm using are Canna coco A+B, my coco comes with some beneficialbacteria in it and I have some powdered dolomite lime if the need arises and I do have a bottle of sensizym around I can use if necessary.

Equipment for my grow is a roughly 4x4x6-8 foot tent, a 6 inch exhaust fan, multiple plastic pots, a magnifying glass, ph tester and ppm metre both rarely get used.

So to start as an update, for this journal, I may have already mixed up which seed is which however I have a fair idea.
I have a thc bomb and bagseed who both are a week older then other 2 and are the biggest in pics so far as to be expected, in the next few days they will all be repotted to final pots and labelled with which one I believe is which.
The next 2 I have are amnesia and double Jacky widow, both a lot smaller and moving slow, and I fear the DJW may not get real far, if that's the case I will be terminating it to add more thc and hash bombs.
The 2 eldest started stretching even though I have my Leds shining on them but from up high over my other 2 flowering plants so now they are under a 40watt cfl for the time being, this weekend my bloody skunk auto will be harvested giving me more space and iwill be moving the led for it and place the tubed fluorescent over the seedlings for both warmth to start and also easier light to work with at their young age.

I may have to put pics up at a later date since I havnt uploaded them just yet.
I hope to bring anyone who stops by a good steady interesting journal.
Thanks for your interest and ill be updating with some proper detail soon.

:peace: :Namaste: :thumb:
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re: Budlovskis 12/12 From Seed - LED&CFL Journal - THC bomb & Multiple Strains

Got my seat, good Luck! :cheer:

Sir Budlovski

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Hey Jack thanks for getting here mate :)
I look forward to the comparison of the bombs.

Thought I need to get some pics on here just while I can.
I'm not sure on dates right now, but they're kind of irrelevant since they are young and I havnt given them an oppurtunity to flourish till now.
Anyways, THC bomb and Bagseed got a repot and amnesia will soon. I had to regrettably get rid of the double Jacky widow seedling(well I think it was her) due to the fact she just wouldn't grow roots, had a green stem and leaves but that's it not the slightest hint of roots beginning so ill have to start another at some stage.
Anyways pics here are from the night I potted THC and BGS.

Well its not much but that's all I can add for now, better updates soon when my internet is done :)

Sir Budlovski

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Well it would seem I've confused myself with dates on this grow which doesn't matter to much since they had a rough start but I will figure it out at some stage haha
So all 3 are reported now, amnesia being the last to be done last night.
So as far as days well we'll say thc bomb and bagseed are on week 2-3 and amnesia is a week behind that much I know.
Here's some pics on how they are going, I'm still not sure on gfs and thc, the one I've listed as bgs is growing higher so it could in fact be thc, however thc has better looking genetics which leads me to believe I've labelled them correctly.
Anyways, on with it


Jack Dabs

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Super cute mate, painfully slow stage but amazing to watch all the same. I take it soil is a thing of the past now?

I sent you a PM by the way, i dont get notifications,not sure if you do?

I hope you kill it with these 12/12's, if it works well you are going to have a nice steady supply of meds. I found a few useful threads that discuss which strains are suited to 12/12 so it may be worth a look, build a mini database and then you can try and shop for those seeds when they are on special. Best of luck.

Sir Budlovski

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Yeah it is slow and I'm hoping they can get going before they want to flower haha.
Yeah mate I'm not going to look at soil or dwc for a long time now.
Yeah I get a notification pop up when I log in but since I'm always logged in I don't usually know haha
Yeah that sounds good I'm going to have to do some more searching on strains suited to it I think.
When sc is finished and these three are done I'm thinking of potentially doing a little bit of the glr just so I can get them to a better stage before flowering.
Just enough vege time for me to top or fim once then lst those down and flower away.
But thaat could be a ways away yet

Sir Budlovski

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Hey jack, link me to a few if possible.
I've done a little reading but I'd like to know more strains.
Once I have so far are:
Super silver haze
Nevilles haze
Mango haze
Super lemon haze
And power plant
I'm sure there's alot of other good ones.
I wonder if some of the landraces would work good for 12/12 from seed?

Jack Dabs

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I will have a look sometime soon Bud, seems from your research anything with haze in it will work :3:

AK48 could be a good one, I would be carefull with NL strains though, I ran one on 12/12 and while it was beautiful smoke, it produced very little.

If I remember correctly there was a NL no 5 X haze which is apparently a goodie, think it was sensi seeds if memory serves.

I would imagine the landrace strains could do quite well i think you would just have to watch out for flowering times on those, considering your need for turnover it may not be the best idea.

I read up about a strain that they actually recommended for indoor growing as it gets too big for most tents with a veg period, damned if I can remember what it was but as soon as it comes to me I'll let you know.

Sir Budlovski

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Yeah haze seems to be a goer atm.
Yeah I'm a fan of the AKs and I think 48 will be one of like to get my hands on now.
Yeah with the northern lights it definately can't be any, it seems nl#5 crosses are the better ones when looking at a 12/12 northern lights, however I have smoked northern lights before and even though I liked the taste and high it just wasn't very potent so don't think I could be bothered growing out a northern lights myself.
That was my thought on the landraces, one on its own in 12/12 would do well but like you said turnover could be a problem and they are very UN predictable strains most of the time.

I think I may know which strain your talking about, I read a journal somewhere and if it is the one I'm thinking of they did it in 12/12 and even like that it was a monster ill have to have another look soon.
I did see someone saying, not sure if it was the same journal that old timers haze or something is a good choice for 12/12 but only if you have the time since it has a looong flowering cycle.

Anyways, havnt really been upkeeping journals lately but ill update tonight hopefully, there's not a lot happening but it looks as though the one I believe to be amnesia is handling things quite well atm :)

Sir Budlovski

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Thanks mate I hope so too.
Although I'm struggling to see it atm haha
Good news atm though, me and my Mrs had a chat and because everyone has loved the bloody skunk and its been put in my high demand list, once these 12/12s are done, and aswell as my strawberry cough I'm allowed to switch my tent back to 18-6 again and do all my autos which are 2 bloody skunks aswell as a red poison so I'm very excited even though after that ill be going back to this 12/12 so I'm thinking I'm going to leave this as an forever or ongoing journal aswell as my side ones. Something I've decided to do which is also quite irrelevant to the 12/12, is I'm going to start a blueberry under 18/6 outside the tent somewhere give it a short vege time and bring into the 12/12 tent so then I'm hoping I will get some more colourful product to sell to people, I'm hoping it will get abit purple flowering through these colder months.
So anyways I'm on all systems go now haha its going to be interesting.
Pics up soon :)

Sir Budlovski

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here's my update.
As you will be able to see thc bomb and bagseed are kind of just sitting around where as amnesia has actually grown and continues to.
I might put it down to that when I planted amnesia into coco I prewatered it with weak nutes where as with thc and bagseed I didnt.
Anyways last night thc and bagseed both got a water with weak nutes and we'll see what happens with them 2 they look slightly better today then they did yesterday.
I don't think colder temps really help them vege under 12/12 but they have to deal with it.
They are all now under led since I had to use my fluorescent for side lighting on my SC.
Here's some pics on what's happening :)


Thc bomb

And this is the whole setup and you can see now what the fluorescent is doing
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