Budnoob2's Soil - Kosher Kush - 4-2-2014


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  • Purchased Kosher Kush seeds from attitude
  • Purchased organic soil (20%) with perlite (40%) to improve drainage and worm castings (40%) for additional organic matter
  • Added Gro-Lux VHO to existing fixture for veg room
  • Purchased 600w HPS for flowering room - in transit
  • Germinated in damp paper towels on a sponge that was sitting on top of a reptile heating pad attached to a piece of glass for warmth - broke through within 24 and nice tail by day 3
  • Chose the reptile heater because I already had one - Top View of heating plate:
  • Bottom View of heating plate:
  • Ghetto Fabulous Germination Humidor:
  • Planted directly to soil in same dome on heating plate with Jiffy Pots - wanted to wait for Rockwool cubes but they are still in transit
  • PH Tester and other goodies are on the way as well - prepped water in bucket with air stone and used ph strip to verify a 6.5 reading to start with
  • Also already have a dehumidifier and an air purifier so I will be leveraging those - dehumidifier is not on yet but planning to set for up to 50% during veg then dropping to 40% for flower

That's basically where we're at for the moment
Ok, more goodies arrived today and sybl is doing fine so far - I'm sorry in advance for the boring and somewhat mundane pics of grow room stuff but it is a journal and I want to capture the process from start to finish in as much detail as possible so I can reproduce a good result or never make the same mistakes again if there's an unfortunate outcome.

  • Here's Sybl on day 3:

  • Here's the humidity and temp monitor that arrived today:

  • And here's the new 600w HPS/MH setup - forgot to get sunglasses, ouch!:

  • This is my makeshift adjustable shelf for the early growth phases under the Florescent Gro-Lux and 300W CFL:

The good PH and PPM testers as well as the timers have not arrived yet but the strips were good enough to get me started and timer can wait. I'll double check everything when the good tools arrive and hopefully all is well.
Day 4 here and we've removed dome and are keeping her under the Florescent for the time being, and put a little dusting of worm casting as a topper. I didn't record the exact soil mixture earlier so I'm going to include the detailed info now:
Garden Safe Organic Garden Soil - .10N, .05P, .05K makes up about 40% of mix (I've also used Miracle-Gro Organic Choice Potting Mix which has same ratio)
Schultz Perlite - 40% of mix (Also have Miracle Gro Perlite which has .07N, .07P, .07K but haven't used yet)
Encap Earthworm Castings - 20% of mix which has 1.0N, 0P, 0K and 1.2Ca, 1.5Fe

I believe I mixed up ratios in earlier post but this is what I'm actually using above.

Day 4 Environment Stats:
37% humidity with low of 28 and high of 41
75F with low of 68F and high of 79F

First indoor compost bin is about half full already - time to get worms :)

As a side note, my indoor zucchini sprouted and have some flowers germinating as well

Kindly let me know if you see any flaws in my environment or have any recommendations.

Still debating on a long veg vs. a shorter one - we are completely out of meds but really want to try a long veg...

Day 5:

Introduced the MH and received the other goodies in the mail. MH brought plant level temp to 90F so I lowered plant, brought CFL close to avoid stretch and was able to reduce to a high temp of 86F.
PH Tester arrived and is calibrated and working well - feeding water and runoff are both 6.5 range.
Started germinating a Silver Surfer Haze (free sample) a couple days ago and from the looks of it she'll be ready for the cube tomorrow or the next day. That should make for a decent two plant grow if I'm lucky enough to get two fems on first try :)
Very nice update. Looks good. Do you have a air exhaust hooked up to your Cool tube light?
If anything put vent tube on it and just have a house fan blowing in on one side of vent tube to push a little hot air out of grow room
It will help bulb last longer and help plants from heat just having air flow threw it and out of grow room. It may not be what it needs but something better then nothing
Day 5:

Nothing much to report today although I do have a couple questions I hope someone can answer or at least shed some light on. First, I planted the Silver Surfer Haze (free sample) that successfully germinated but I haven't been able to find a lot of information about this strain. All I know is that it's made up of multiple strains, one of which is Super Silver (if I remember correctly) and when I read about that strain there was a warning that you should allow it to flower two more weeks than normal, so I'm curious if anyone knows if that's the case for Silver Surfer or if that's all just a load of crap I've been reading :) Also, what are your opinions regarding the best source to find detailed information for growing each strain? Thanks!

Strain Lineage / Genealogy / Family Tree

Silversurfer Haze »»» Haze x Skunk x Northern Light
»»» Mexico x Colombia x Thailand x India
Mexico »»» Sativa
Colombia »»» Sativa
Thailand »»» Sativa
India »»» Sativa
Skunk #1
»»» Afghanistan x Mexico x Colombia
Afghanistan »»» Indica
Mexico »»» Sativa
Colombia »»» Sativa
Northern Light
Afghanistan Indica Probably »»» Indica
The Silver Surfer Haze consists of a blend of the commercial varieties of three award winning strains Haze, Skunk and Northern Lights. Its effects are super-charged with a combination of both indica and sativa influences.

Genetics: Haze x Skunk x Northern Light
THC Content: High
Yield: 500-700 gr
Plant Height: 3 - 4m
Flowering Time: 10-11 weeks
Harvest Month: Mid November
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