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Buds at different stage on same plant: what to do?

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Hello 420ers!
My plant is ready to harvest (northern light, 9 weeks after the switch). Trics are almost half amber on top. However there's been a lot of small flowering and buds popping up over the past few weeks and these are far from being ready. Their hair is still whitish, only a couple are brown-red while the top buds have 50% red or brown hair. The trichomes are 30% amber on top but still milky or clear on the lower popcorn.

What to do? Shall I harvest the buds that are ready on top and then give an extra fertilization after the cut and wait an additional 2 weeks for the small popcorn to put some more mass and mature properly? This would be my best guess, as we harvest fruits throughout a while months but I'm not too sure with MMJ-- this is my first grow.

Thanks in advance for the help
I pulled this from another site, I hope it helps.

"Staged Harvesting

Try to harvest only the buds that are fully mature. Some plants may ripen from the top down, some from the lower branches up, other varieties of cannabis may ripen all at once. Often the larger buds that have received the most direct light will ripen first. If possible, harvest the larger top colas first and leave the lower and interior buds for an additional week or two. The increased sunlight will quickly bring the remaining buds to full maturity."
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Limey's cut and paste makes perfectly sense... We do this all the time, with most of the fruits and vegetables that are relatively easy to harvest and come back to harvest more. We don't do this with corn and soy coz its mechanized harvest but tomatoes and fruits are harvested little by little... Why not doing this with cannabis also? I can't see any harm in doing this... I think I'll do it... Shall I fertilize - light dose and only once -- once I've harvested the tops?

By the way, by googling "Staged Harvesting" and also in this forum there is lot of good advise on how to do it but haven't find any info if fert may be useful at this point.... thanx again :goodjob:


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I will cut the ripe sections and in a sense cut the height down. When that happens, I have a separate area that is higher off the ground and is just outside of my main primary lighting area, it's,under a secondary LED, 900watt for the main section and 400watt for the staggered section...
Yes harvesting top can open up the lower canopy for further fruit development. If your growing on a large scale it's best to take those under mature "popcorn nugs" and have them processed into. Hash, bho,wax,co2 ect.. That way you ain't delaying the veg room if you have a perpetual crop from going in. Hope that helps. I've set up a couple of small medical grows 4-12 plants. And I have them harvest when ready cause it's not as much work.
When your dealing with 20-60 per harvest some steps become not as necessary due to other needs. When your a smaller grower you can really get each plant to its full glorious potential