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Buds From The End Of The World: Argentina


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Hi growers from all around the world! Im from Argentina, im a new member, just a couple of days ago I suscribed this forum, and I have to say is amazing!, nice pics, nice mates, nice journals (we call the journals "seguimientos" in Argentina and Latin America in general). So Im here to invite you to share a BUD that you are smoking at the moment, utensils and stuff, welcome too! I have to repeat, I do my best with my english level, I hope we can comunicate each other the better way!

Sry for the photo quality, i ve lost my cam a couple of weeks ago =(

Crappy smoke report:

Sugar gom (Gras-o-matic). Nice and smooth citric...pine flavor, super for activities, mostly sativa effect, and strong hit!!! SUPER RECOMMENDED. I was surprised for the short time growing indoor, I counted 65 days from seed, thats fast for a sativa, altough its automatic, also is a cheap seed. 8.7/10

Super Skunk (Austral Seed, a seed bank from Argentina). Well not much to say about the worldwide famous Super Skunk, not the strongest, but I call it a "All Day Smoke", you can smoke it before sports, training, going to work, It keep you focused and relaxed, not "dumb" mode, perfect for all day activiies! A pleasent indica in all ways. 7.9/10

The paper says "l1m0 for 420 mag JA JA JA -.-. Left Sugar Gom - Right Super Skunk

Sugar gom buds
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