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Wow, I am humbled to be included with such veteran growers :8::thanks:


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:bravo: Well done! I too am very humbled to be in a video with such top notch growers.

Hats off to you SkooterClowns, for your video and your grows! Such a great idea and PERFECT music selection! Plus rep is not enough but you get it anyway :439:

Great grows everyone:bravo:


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thanks just kinda cheapens the thought somehow....blown away...loved everything about it....music ect....great shots....hope i can be included again....i think you just made my decade!!...excellent...thank you, L:cheer::cheer::cheer:


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I put together some Buds & Nuggets pictures with some good old Rock & Roll.
(YouTube really knocks down the quality of the photos)

Enjoy :smokin:

YouTube - Friends and fellow growers at 420magazine.com


I am absolutely HONORED my Friend,, to even be considered for such an AWESOME Video,, let alone to have a couple of my Second Rate Pictures in it,, LoL .. And I can not begin to Thank You for taking the time and effort to make such a TOP NOTCH Video.. You Sir are quite Talented to say the least.. !!

Its Growers like yourself that help to make 420magazine the #1 BEST Site and Forum on the Web.. !! !!

Thank You kindly Mr.SkooterClownz and ALL of the GREAT Folkz and Staff on this WebSite.. !! !!

Much Love and Respect to all .. !! !!



Having watched many of these grows come to fruition, it makes for an enjoyable slideshow. You might consider making the high-rez video available through a torrent, or maybe the powers that be will allow you some disk space to store it here. I'd lofe to burn it to a DVD so I can show it to my 78-year-old mom. She loves this stuff.

And thanks for including a couple of my shots!!


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Awsome that is a pretty good video .Ha Ha I rock the end. thanks for adding my plant .That baby was a beauty, well they are all nice plants.


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WOW! Just Awesome! Way to go Skoot! That's what 420magazine.com is all about my friend! I love that Skynyrd tune, perfect selection for those beautiful buds!

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