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awsome weed porn,awsome soundtrack,what else can i say but :goodjob:and they say weed smokers lack motavation,you my freind proved them wrong.


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I just showed your video to my plants. They just grew 6 inches! All the ladies on the back deck are blushing now. They just told me that they wish to be watered with Perrier from now on and massaged three times a week with neem oil. Madam Mazar wants my wifes vegetables off the back deck also, says they are 'not worthy' and shouldn't be breathing the same air as her.

You've created a monster! :MoreNutes:

LMAO, good thing I had just swallowed my drink or else it'd be all over my screen.:cool027:


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Wishing my old friends a very Happy Thanksgiving!

A very Happy Thanksgiving to you my friend, and to all of you here on this great website!


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are these buds grown by yourself?

Nope...I had scoured the forums, posts and galleries here at 420magazine.com for each picture. I credited each picture to the user that posted them as their buds. Some of them are mine (Skooterclowns) and my brother's (Sk-Slappy) which can be found in our threads some of which are in my signature.

I hope you enjoy the video.
Jack herer from ilgm dot com


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Yeah, I got some good Gold leaf seeds from ILGM. I wish someone would've told me in the beginning make sure you don't stress your plants out. Don't move them around too much, make sure the water isn't too cold, don't let it get above 75°F (to keep your buds tight) and don't let the humidity get over 50% in the flower room. I keep mine at about 40%. No one also tells you that you can have to invest in an air conditioner a dehumidifier and some type of heat during the winter. I did not know about lights's, LED lights so I bought the least expensive with the grow and a bloom light switch. I just invested in one of the Mars 2 600 W light with these cool bulbs LED for 250 bucks. Best design of 2017. Also I use Fox farms exclusively. I've had the best luck with it and since it works so good I don't need to try anything else. Also I use less than what they say to avoid nutrient burn. I also use AMS for seeds. Working on Rainbow Kush. A mix of Master and Hindu Kush.
This might sound odd but the most important ingredient is love. The plants are annuals they don't have a very long lifespan. I tell them how beautiful they are and how much I love them. Which I do and I want them to have a happy life. Some people say put the lights closer and stress them out at the end of their life but I never do. I just make it quick when it's time to harvest. Here is a photo of one of my girls 10 days into her final flush.
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