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Hi there,

So I have an Auto Blue (Seed makers) on day 64. Supposedly it should have been about a 55 day plant, but clearly the right moment to harvest has more to do with the bud's maturity and trichome colors. Anyway receiving straight water for about 2 weeks now (only like 3 feeds) and I was estimating that things would be good to go at this point, and now I'm having second thoughts.

The buds seem pretty mature, and the trichomes seem to be mostly cloudy (from what I can see using the computer to zoom in on camera pics), but there are also a lot of pistils that are pretty white and long still, which causes me to think that maybe the buds need to mature a bit more. At the same time, I also suspect that that these long white hairs are a result of the the bloombastic that I fed it, along with the foxtails on the main cola. Anyway, opinions are greatly appreciated, here it is on day 64:








Yeah...unfortunately I don't have a scope to check the trchomes colors properly, so that's why your opinions would be great. Thanks!
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