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Buds with seeds, when to harvest?


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I have a very small plant full of seeds that is near harvest. The seeds are still green, but are visible in their pods. The pistils near the stem are still white, the rest long dead. The plants trichs are ready to harvest, cloudy and amber. Do I need to wait until the seeds are brown? Will the trichs still be good once the seeds are ready?

The photos are crap. Will try for more. TY!


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Yup, for both. How can u tell when the seeds are ready? I already harvested this, but haven't germed the seeds yet. I think I waited too long and lost some trichs.

Harvest when they are still partially covered and greenish, or lt brown and practically falling out of the pods? Hope I get it right next time!


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You want the seeds to be brown and look "like seeds" not green and immature. Next time, start the pollination about 4 or 5 weeks before harvest to give the seeds time to ripen.


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You can wait 2 more weeks for the seeds to ripen if you like to have the seeds for future use. The trichomes will have more amber to cloudy or all amber if waited too long. If not, chop whenever you're ready. Young seeds will be hollow inside or green/yellow in color and are very small.

Petition signed.


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TY for signing the petition. I hope we get those votes on time!

I've found accidental seeds in the buds I harvested. I doubt there are ripe, but will see I'd they crush or not. Next round, I'll try and pollinate buds nearest the stem and leave those to mature further when I take the harvest. I can't believe I missed pollinating my summer grow! Moving sucks. There is still one plant not harvested that I'd like to try. The remaining buds can live as long as the wether allows. I don't want to get into breeding, but a small outdoor area can be set aside for mystery seeds. Never know, one might be good! :)

TY for your help and info!
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