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Buffering joints with something other than tobacco?


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I too am a lightweight smoker, I usually take a plastic drinking straw, make a cone with a paper from it and then make a filter and stuff weed inside till full. Makes a perfect enjoyable pinner joint. It takes effort but its worth it.

Ps you should only ever use weed as a filler for your cannabis. Just chip out the joint before its done. Or get a "one hitter pipe" :)


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Dang HEMP! That was genius @HydroponicFireman You can also buy CBD flower online now from any state I believe. I just read an article on leafly, they ordered some to try and were pleasantly surprised. No thc of course but that's probably the closest additive you can get because of all the terpenes. 60/oz for B grade. Even tho CBD is "legal" the flowers look the same so local municipalities may not be so understanding.


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I would suggest a CBD cultivar like Candida.

This Master Hemp also sounds quite nice.

Then you can just take a nice high THC strain and just the tiniest amount across the top as you roll and get like a 18% CBD and 3% THC d00b that would be both an enjoyable smoke and very medicinal.


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Yes the high CBD strains are a very good place to look if you are lightweight smoker. You can smoke a 1% thc/high CBD strain all day if you want to.

It is possible to find reasonably weak regular strains too, if you look hard enough. Not so much in the mainstream seedbanks which are mostly all about strong weed, but Ace and Cannabiogen have some nice mild strains. Cannapot probably has some good ones.
I have quite a few strains jarred up now that I can smoke decent joints of and still be able to talk, think, etc.
Also explore the difference between Indica and Sativa. The high from an indica strain is a very different thing from a pure sativa high.

Different people are affected differently.
I can smoke some strong sativas that some people say are too much for them, but indicas usually wreck me just from the effect they give me, and it’s not a good experience at all. Even just a little hit of indica can give me a bad time- not cause I’m too high, just because I don’t like the feeling.


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Awesome info, thanks guys.. this is the good stuff I was looking for! I've smoked weed on and off over the years but here you just kind of get what you're given.. most sellers have no idea what they've got, so you're just puffing on unknown stuff. People who buy weed regularly might get a bit more access to different strains and stuff, but since I probably smoke an ounce every six months I just take what I get.

I've got a little grow going which is doing well, once I've managed to get my head around growing it'll open up a whole world of other possibilities if I can fine-tune my product for myself. I might include one of these super-low-THC strains in my next grow to see how that goes, plus if the other herbs become good substitutes I might grow a few of those too :D
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