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bug problem with photos help


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For my last 6 grows I have had this problem with the leafs turn golden spots and I only seem to get about 1.5oz per plant. Here are the photos from today where the leaf are golden when I turned the leaf upside down I saw this little yellow things moving like a maggot would move. but this thing was only about 1mm long and not even has thick as a hair on my arm. I have never seen them before when I looked over the last grows. so now I am thinking these bug mite be eating the goodness out my plants that is why I am getting poor yields.

this plant only has 2 weeks to go. but I have others in another room which I want to save before things get to bad.

any advice would be good on killing this problem

Lester Freeman

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It appears to be spider mite related damage. It could also be thrips. Too late to do any spraying if there only 2 weeks out. Need to completely clean and sanitize your grow room and acquire spider mite prevention products for the next grow such as SNS-217 SNS 217 Spider Mite Control Spray | Sierra Natural Science


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I have just brought
westlands resolva bug killer and pyrol neudorff bug and larvae killer, has anyone used these before? they were the only ones in the shop that deal with thrips. also would soapy water kill them????

ps I also got a yellow sticky fly catchers


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I had 100% success with the double sided white fly traps, I have no experience with sprays, I have heard dish soap diluted as a spray works well, dawn dish soap is recommended most but Ivory dish soap has been used for years by people in gardens because it contains something no other soap contain.. Good luck!


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I have just done some spraying and put the fly trap up in one room which the have been in flower for 3 weeks . In 2 weeks when the other room is empty I will give it a proper clean. don't want to spray the room incase I do something bad to the bud.
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