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Bugs flying around my plants?

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So I usually sit with my plants for about an hour a day, making sure they're still tied down right and that there is nothing disrupting them and stuff and I usually take my time during then to mist my clones and adjust the ph and stufff, So I was sitting there today and notice a few bugs flying around my plants, Its hard to explain what they look like... miniature flies with long legs? Idk, but I know they can't be good and must be gotten rid of... SO HOW DO I DO IT?
from your journal i noticed your growing in soil. If that is your last pot a layer of clean sand will help keep root gnats at bay and will not harm the plants at all.
I use a sand I get from the pet store that is used for reptiles for my house plants after bringing one home from the grocery store infested, I grow my med's in DWC. Dont forget to hang a sticky fly strip to catch the adults also.
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Im gunna buy some sand later, but I removed all open containers of water lastnight and today when I came home from school., there were no signs of any gnats. Im gunna try to get sand asap just in case there are any living in the soil, But thanks everyone for your suggestions!

And will pieces of duct tape hung in my closet and room work just like the fly tape or whatever? Just wondering!
not sure about duct tape, think the fly strips have a bate sent on them also and are stickier.
Until you purchase the sand, water/feed only when the lights come on first thing, therefore by the end of the day when the lights go out the top portion of your soil will be dry. Fungus Gnats crave and thrive in wet and damp mediums and locations.