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Build a Grow Cabinet for less than $20


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You don't need a cabinet to grow cannabis, but it certainly helps. You can control temperature, light exposure, and relative humidity. Plus, it helps keep everything compact and together for those neat freaks (me). If you're on a budget or are in to DIY, here's how you can make one for less that $20.

Materials needed:

Here's what you need. I got this from a big box home improvement store, but you could probably find most of this stuff at a local hardware store too.

2 - Large boxes - $1.50 ea
4 - 3/16" Dowels - $0.50 ea
1 - 2" roll of Tape - $3.75
1 - Emergency Blanket - $6.50
A box cutter
A ruler
A pen or pencil

Make sure the boxes are the same size. This is very important because they will need to fit together to form the cabinet. Also, if you're planning on storing things on top of your cabinet, you may want to consider getting 1/4" or 3/8" dowels for added structural support. They're only $0.10 more each for the 1/4" and $0.15 for the 3/8". Please, be careful! You'll be using sharp instruments to cut things. I take no responsibility for you lobbing a finger off out of carelessness.

All in all, you're looking at about 1 1/2 to 2 hours to put this together. Just remember to take your time and go slowly. You don't want to have to replace something just because you were in a hurry.

Step 1:
Gather your materials

Make sure you have plenty of room to work with, I made mine in my living room floor.

Step 2:
Measure you for your door

Measure in about 4" and mark it off. Slide the ruler down about 6 - 8 inches and make another mark. Do this down both sides and across the top. You'll need to guess where the edges of the box are going to be for the top and inside edge of the door.


After you've measured, trace between your marks using the ruler to keep the lines straight.


It should look like this when finished.

Step 3:
Cut out the door, carefully!

After measuring and tracing the outline for your door, you need to carefully trace the lines you just drew with your box cutter. Make several shallow passes, don't try to cut all the way through on the first cut. If you don't have a steady hand, use the ruler as a guide. Line the ruler up with the traced line and firmly hold it in place while you run the box cutter along the line. Here is also where you need to pick which side the door will open on. Based on that, you'll need to make sure that you only cut part way through the side that the door attaches on.


The door, cut.

You'll repeat steps 2 and 3 for the bottom. I gave myself 12" for the bottom of the door, since the planting pot will be taking up most of that room.

Step 4:
Put it together


A happy helper comes in handy with assembling boxes at any time so if you have someone around to hold things, this is time to use them.


Top and bottom together.

Using that happy helper again, you'll need to fit the top over the bottom and letting the helper hold them in place, reinforce the corners with the dowels.



Tape off all the seams and around the door opening. I made a little handle from tape so that I could easily open the door, you don't have to though.

The finished cabinet. I couldn't figure out how to get the picture to rotate, so if you need to, just turn your monitor on end and it'll straighten it out for you.

Step 5:
Line with Mylar

An emergency blanket is made from Mylar so use the emergency blanket to line the inside of your cabinet. This was the most frustrating part for me because I have OCD tendencies and I need it PERFECT!


Aaaaaand, finished!

Enjoy your new cabinet! :rasta:


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Re: Build a Grow Cabinet for less than $20.

Haha! Yeah, I should clarify: This is for CFL grows. :)

However, if someone is building a grow box out of cardboard boxes, you're probably not going to be using HIDs. :439:


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Re: Build a Grow Cabinet for less than $20.

be careful tho youll find after a grow or two the moisture caused by the plants will start to mold the cardboard..


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Re: Build a Grow Cabinet for less than $20.

WOW, a seriously cheap way to grow. I know there is a need but really, to grow the right buds this isn't the way.


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White paint works better. Where are you going to hang the light? What kind of light are you going to use? Anything over 400watt needs to be air cooled.


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Mylar reflects up to 90% of the light that touches it, white paint is closer to 70%.

I used 8 23 watt cfls in that box. I hung the lights on a cross bar above the box itself. If you wanted to, you could use a 1/2" dowel across the top to tie lights to.
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