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Build my first Grow Cabinet - Feedback appreciated


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Hey 420 Community!

First time Grower with limited budget here.

Started building this Cabinet around 2 weeks ago and am Planning to finish it within the coming week.

To do:
-Line walls with mylar
-Get feedback
-Apply feedback

Pictures - (Sorry for Poor Quality will reshoot once I have time)

-Mars Hydro LED [300W]
-10cm Exhaust system from Amazon
-Old Computer Fan
-Mylar Easy Grow Foil

Feedback list:

I will update this thread about every 2 days until I finish the build.



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What are you building the cabinet out of?

How big will the cabinet be?

What are you doing for ventilation?

What strain(s) are you growing?

How many plants are you growing in this cabinet?

Are you going to have a grow journal here on the forums?

Any interesting or different build designs in your cabinet? Ie) mortise & tenon, dominos, brad nailed? Built in height adjustable scrog net on drawer glides? Etc.

Look forward to some pics

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1. The Cabinet is built out of an old wooden cabinet.

2. Its around 60x60cm(28x28") wide and deep and about 1,70cm(62") High.

3. I am using a Computer Fan for intake and a 164 CFM 4 inch fan for exhaust.

4. For my first Grow I'm growing Skunk Nr.1 from Sensei seeds (Might build another custom cabinet if the First one gets to small).

5. 3-5 Plants.

6. Yes will open a journal as soon as my first Plants break the soil.

7. Its kind of a Getto build since I didn't have the biggest budget.




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There are a lot of cabinets popping up. Search for the user Masonman. His journal is around a homemade cabinet. He did a single plant in a large pot and had great yield. Cabinets can be great!

I don't know the math regarding air flow, but can the comp fan can push in air as fast as the fan can suck it out? I know not, I went with a passive intake.

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Here's my go at the DIY cabinets, the little one I bought and then tried to mimic it. The mylar was expensive and only came in a big roll locally, I tried the emergency blanket mylar and it was a pain to try and get it attached without ripping. Ended up cutting up one of them windshield sun screens (seems to be working ok far as I can tell), also have heard white flat paint reflects well enough on it's own.

The Anti-Journal Journal

Only one completed grow for me, so I'm still flying by the seat of my pants and pretty much learning most things by trial and error with an emphasis on "ERROR" ;) LOL

Good luck with yours, I will keep an eye on your thread to see how it goes :)


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I'm making my own little cabinet myself out of old plywood and a dog cage tray so far so good. Keep it up
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