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Building my own Atmospheric and Nutrient Controller

Green Utopia

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Hi all-

I have started a journal for a room where I'm going to try to implement a computer controller.

The basics are:

I'll be building an atmospheric and nutrient controller from scratch. For anyone not familiar with eeproms and ic chips I highly recommend checking out Parallax. For many of you here I think you will find it fairly easy and fun. Anyways, hopefully I'll be doing it here in the next few weeks.

Gonna try to build what would normally cost a few thousand dollars - sensors and controllers for: Day/Nite, Temp, Humidity, PPM, pH, CO2 , fans power, lights power, water in, nutes in, ph in - and all that for 2 light zones and 2 reservoirs on different feeding schedules. I have some of the stuff here and I think I can get the rest for a few hundred dollars if I don't need peristaltic pumps. The room is so small I may be forced to use them and that will tack on a few hundred bucks at least - which could be hard to squeeze out right now.

If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions please check out the Submarine Journal and chime in. I can use all the help I can get. Not to mention I think if we get enough input as to what dynamics users need from their controller, we can make it a better controller.


Welcome Whiskey, going to head over to your other thread. Should be interesting. I work with electronics, pnuematics and hydraulics. I repair dental equipment specializing in 3d x-ray equipment. When I get more time and a different place I will play with building a more complicated system. My KISS method will suffice for now but look forward to your advances. :welcome::peace:
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