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Built up a tolerance and it's hard to get stoned.

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My tolerance level is super high (for anything I take). It doesn't take long before the effects aren't working. What do I need to do to my body and mind so I can actually get high? My son says I need to take a tolerance break, but I really don't want to. Any suggestions? I am a new patient and would like to know more.
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No, it doesn't. I use to be able to relax, think happy thoughts and feel great. Now, I have to smoke a lot more to even catch a buzz :( Should I do a detox of some sort so I can actually get high?

Try more top-level THC strains, even if it means traveling farther to try new dispensaries for the highest cannabinoid content possible.

Eat edibles. If you do already, eat them more often to give your mind/body a break from the regular routine of smoking.

Vaporize. If you don't own a vaporizer, get yourself one. This will offer different effects from smoking, and may actually be more effective.

Supplement your buds by crumbling hash in your bowl. Hashish can also be eaten as well as smoked.

For a patient such as yourself, potency is everything. So just keep that in mind when you're talking with your budtender. Don't settle for anything less than the highest potency flowers and edibles. And keep your methods of consumption in rotation, so that you don't get too used to any one method completely and get to this point again.

:goodluck: :yummy: ;)


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I cant smoke them(sativas) 2 hours or so before bed
Im in your boat,and sometimes a THC recalibration isnt a bad thing.after 30 years ,i'm thinking a break.
rotate & rotate again , don't buy large qty of a single herb , the mix will keep high around as yer swapping & mixing it up the different effects .


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all gets back in the quest to be free,If I could,there would be 50 plants on this property and not 2 of the same kind.
Smoking is probably the most inefficient THC/CBD delivery method as both compounds evaporate at much lower temperatures than that of the cherry or flame.

I would recommend edibles or at least vaping at less than 392*F (THC evaporation temp)
There is one dispensery in my area that has a product called vape juice its co2 amber glass dissolved into its own terpene's its an orgasm in your mouth lol but ya a pungent thick extremely flavorful of each strain mouth watering rolls of the tongue goodness haha really though you will forget what tolerance means try to locate it in your area although I have never seen or heard of it any where else but its worth it