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Burning Giant Marijuana Plants Giving Soldiers The Munchies

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Other than taking pot shots at Taliban soldiers, forests of massive marijuana plants are giving Canadian soldiers few options.

Afghanistan is known for its poppy trade. But huge fields of marijuana plants, ranging from six to 12 feet high, are causing unique problems.

"When we drive through them on a light armoured vehicle, the plants are taller than a vehicle itself," explained Gen. Rick Hillier yesterday.

Taliban soldiers have been hiding in the forests, then jumping out to fire rocket-propelled grenades at vehicles. Because the plants retain energy, the insurgents can't be detected.

"They pop back in and it's very difficult for our thermal sights to see inside of ( the forests ). Most other times we can see the individuals and track them down," said Hillier.

Another problem is the plants retain water. When the military tried to clear the forests, they found the plants wouldn't burn. They even tried various substances such as diesel fuel, to no avail.

The soldiers did have some success with one forest, though.

"A few plants at the edge of the forest were slightly drier and brown. They caught fire and burnt for a while," said Hillier.

"Unfortunately, they had one of our rifle sections of 10 men slightly down-wind from that. We couldn't keep up with the orders for munchies."
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