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Burying most of the lst'd plant


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I have looked around and came across some opinions, but not really exactly what I am looking for. So I thought I would ask you fine people what you think about what I am thinking about doing... <- lol
So, I have my next grow going. I topped the plant at node 4, node 1 and 2 are nothing really, will be shaved off before being burried, but 3 and 4 are growing very well. I have them running parallel with the soil making an X shape and plan to keep it that way until space runs out. The branches will grow up as normal off of the mains. My question is about burying the entire plant except the shoots that are above what could be the new soil level. I can add still 3 or so inches of soil to the tote I am growing in. So, when the time comes to stop lst'ing and all my growth is above the tote, can I prune and bury the entire plant up to that level?
I was thinking that having roots develop so much closer to the bud sites would be good come harvest...
Maybe paint the plant in rooting hormone before I bury it..
I think I did a horrible job at explaining it, but I think most understand what I ask. Here is a quick drawing though to be sure we are all on the same page.


So, after I add the soil, I lst or maybe scrog for another 4 to 8 weeks and then flower.

I am sick of pulling 3-4 ounces off my 400 watt hps and I am willing to extend the veg period to increase my yield. But plant number must remain at 1. I was thinking that having roots soo much closer to the growth tips should really benefit me in flower, but what do you all think?

Thanks for the time, and best wishes.


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Re: Burying most of the lst'd plant.

What you're asking. Is it okay to trim up the plant from the bottom, then add more soil covering up the stem to the point of the trim? I would like to know this too and from what I've noticed, it seemed like the plant slowed it's growth when i tried it.


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Re: Burying most of the lst'd plant.

I think I've read this in another post , The arms that are buried will start too root on you like a growing vine now I don't know how this affects growing if it will slow down flowering ect.. You might wanna try searching it , it was in a posting not that long ago it was a outdoor grow but there was some chatting about it so you might be able to find if you put it in the search bar


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Re: Burying most of the lst'd plant.

I did that with an outdoor tomatoe plant this year. The tomatoe plant took to it pretty quickly about 2 weeks to get sufficient root growth from the lower lateral branches. Some wernt completly touching soil and still grew roots ( wish i had a picture) That plant was larger than the other two and had slightly more yield but the major difference was its tolerance for drought.... If your MJ plant keeps growing during the extended veg then you'll have a larger plant, (larger yield) even if the extra roots dont play a direct role but im interested to see how cannabis likes this method. Good thread :high-five:


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Re: Burying most of the lst'd plant.

Thanks for that input!
I will document whether it is beneficial or not.
Last grow I got about 3.5 ounces from about an 8 week veg / 8 week flower. So this time the grow will basically be the same except that I will bury the plant likely around 4 weeks veg and continue veg for another 4 to 6 or so, then flower. If I can hit 5 ounces or more, I will conclude that the extra roots closer to the flowering tops was worth it.
Still looking for anyone's experience or opinions!
Best Wishes!


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So after further digging I have found that this is referred to as layering. In my case, mound layering or trench layering come the closest. I was unable to find any journals doing it for yield, but it is done for propagation all the time. Although I was unable to find journals about layering and yield, I did find a few posts saying that it is very useful for yield and should work well. I will get a pic of where I am now, where I am when I add the soil, when I begin flower and when I harvest. Like I said, 3-4 ounces is my average from my 400 watt hps and that just is not sufficient. If I can hit 5-6 I will call it beneficial. And if I can pull more I will finally have found my way. I need at least 6 ounces per grow to supply my needs. Any more and I can keep my mom happy too ;)
If I can do a 3 month veg and a 2 month flower, twice a year, with the 2 coldest months off and grow enough for me, I would be stoked!.
And I need 6 ounces per grow minimum to do that. And I should be able to pull that off a 400 no problem. But I thought that when I started too, and that was years ago...
Wish me luck,.

Best Wishes.


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Where I am now, about 4 weeks I think.


What I need to beat, at 3.5 ounces. Didn't use much food that grow, mostly just the slow release soil, molasses and h2o2. I am sure I could have pumped more into it..


Once I add the soil, how long does anyone think I will need to veg to develop useful roots along the branches?
I know you said 6 weeks could be enough to be useful, what about 4?

Thanks for input!
Best Wishes
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