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Burying SCROG stems


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So I know that you can bury a plants stem and it will start to grow new roots.
If you have a vegged SCROG Can you burry the entire plant up to a few inches under your screen?
A lot of people seem to pull off all the leaves under the scrog so its just a mess of bare stems under there not getting used.
Any thoughts on this?

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Well for me when I do D.W.C I do it to save my self from a mold problem with falling off leafs landing on pot top and mess to clean up. When I grow soil I trim some below but not all. I use Side lights to help bottom growth. I pull off most that do not have light so all the bud sites that do have the extra chance of growth. Don't know if that help but that's my two cents o growing.


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I would think that by the time a plant has gotten large enough to have that much exposed stem, you will be well into bloom and it will be too late to start trying to grow more roots. Better to focus on flowering at that point which is why most people clean out the bottom growth. Just make sure you have a big enough container for the final bloom root mass to begin with and time your bloom so you only spend the necessary time in veg. Letting the plant get too big is just wasted time IMO. It allows you to spend time growing extra plant just to cut it off.
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