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Everything going great in my grow so far:allgood::allgood:https://www.420magazine.com/forums/images/smilies/allgood.gif

I just have a quick question for you guys my plant is growing super bushy, How do train it so that the nodes receive the most light? I've looked at defoliation but I'm pretty scared I'll jack something up if I go that route. Any advice or ideas are welcome. I've added some pictures of the plant. She's around 34 days from seed and showing preflowers at just about every node. (P.S. sorry about the HUGE pics)



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I would go with low stress training. Just tie back anything that is blocking the node sites.
Thanks for the advice Flynhigh I'd actually already been doing a little LST. I took your advice though and got a little more aggressive with it, it seems like I'm tying down something new every day but in a way I guess that's good. Here is a pic of her now I'm going to do another LST session later on tonight.

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