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Business Trip Claim Just A Front For Cannabis Smuggler

Lord Mong

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A SOUTH African who claimed he had flown into Edinburgh on a business trip was found to be carrying £32,000 worth of cannabis.

Jean Roodt, 45, was stopped by customs officers at the airport going through the nothing to declare channel after arriving from France on April 23.

Roodt said he was visiting on business and produced paperwork for a booking at the Ellersly House Hotel in Murrayfield.

But when he was asked to open up a case he said: "I'll tell you now there's drugs in there." Sixteen taped packages of cannabis were found in the lining of the case.

During an interview Roodt said he had been introduced to a man in South Africa who offered to pay him around £1000 to bring the consignment to Britain.

At the High Court yesterday, Roodt pled guilty to illegally importing cannabis resin at Edinburgh Airport.

The judge, Lord Mackay, deferred sentence on him for the preparation of a background report.

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