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Busted in hospital

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Hey peeps, a couple of days ago I was bitten in the groin by a white tail spider and ended up in hospital. I've just been discharged. I've been bitten before by white tails, and redbacks, but this time the bite was near the lymph glands. Seems I'm sensitised to the bite and had a minor anaphylactic reaction.
Anyway, I find myself in hospital. Last night, my mate Mat comes in to visit, blazed to the gills and giggling away like a moron. When the nurse finished rounds and moved on, Matty gets out his friggin' vaportron and sets it up on the side table and plugs it in. He then grabs the oxygen mask I have on and disconnects the gas, then hooks the vape up to my oxygen mask.
There we were, me and Matty medicating, when the bloody nurse walks in and sees us. Oh golly, did the shit hit the fan! The nurse looked at the vaportron and susses the switch from the oxygen, which I actually need by the way. Busted big time!
The nurse looks at me, then at Matty, who is a giggling wreck by this stage. Matty is in his sixties by the way. Matty is trying to tell the nurse it's a ventilator for my asthma, but she didn't buy that. Damn.
Off she goes, with me still laying there hooked up to the vape and still medicating. Sure enough, she comes back with a doctor and security, who then promptly took Matty away. The doc reattaches the oxygen, and puts my mask back on , then starts telling me he is going to discharge me for using illegal drugs in HIS hospital. What a fucknuckle! I just gave him the cheshire cat and went off to sleep.
This morning I get a visit from hospital admin and the doctor. Matty was banned and I was read the riot act. The meds must have worked a treat as I was well enough to come home tonight. Still very sore and itchy, but breathing back to normal. Thanks for all the kind messages I had passed on to me.


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Can't keep a good man down. It just wasn't the same around here without you keeping us on our toes. Silly doctor didn't know there's something else almost as valuable as oxygen.


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Very very very glad you're back.

sorely missed by everyone :)

hahahahah u and ur friend matt is pretty brave. LOLOLOL...


just glad you're fine now :)

take care of yourself

check ur pants next time :p


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Glad yer gettin better man, the bud probly healed ya up :p. I looked at a picture of those spiders they look like nasty little bastards


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Happy your back, that story is just amazingly funny. I'm still laughing imagining the actual situation. At least you got some laughs outta this!


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I heard this story last night, none the less I still had to laugh. Picturing you and your friend in a hospital giggling like school girls when the nurse comes in.....Welcome back brother, weve missed you.

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lol, I just wanted to be a super hero like Toby McGuire. And no, the spider didn't touch the crown jewels. My darling wife reckons the spider couldn't find anything decent to bite. Cheeky woman!


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If you don't mind me asking, how the hell do you get bit in the crotch by a giant spider?

I mean, were you laying around naked in your garden, maybe taking a nap, and whammo along comes a spider...

There has got to be a back story on this one and what the hell happened to your wedding tackle? If you were hospitalized, that must have looked seriously messed up.

Got a photo?

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The spider got in my work trousers, and I just forgot to shake them out properly. The white tail is not that big and quite slender. What they make up for in size, they make up for in bite lol.
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