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Busted - Urinalysis


Well, I have a bad back. Military Accident in 1984. I have been receiving these facet shots and Sciatica. Did 7 of them today for the first time not being put out or versed at all. A little painful, but no knock me out drugs.

I had a Urinalysis last week and it was positive. Figures, I go back to smoking last December to help sleep. The Doctor said, we can no longer prescribe you the Oxycodone, per your Narcotics Contract with the State/Feds. I said I understand Doc, I have 5 months (112 pills each) of Oxy in the freezer. I will take sleep over your legal drugs. Of course they will not stop the 5-7K for the shots and day surgery, just the pain meds.

I just pray, at 51, we get smarter in this whole country. I am not a pot head, do not smoke so very rarely for recreation since Dec 10, but wearing a Bi-Pap, pressures at 17/13, I just was restless and would get up as much as 3 or 4 times a night, smoke a cigg, maybe eat something, try to go back to bed. Using Cannabis, a few one hit bowls right before I go to bed, I MAY, wake up once and stay in bed. I will take Sleep over pills in this case.
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