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But Did He Inhale?

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It's not easy having a famous dad. After Harvard student Albert Gore III --
yes, son of that Albert Gore -- made the news last week for being arrested
in Maryland for marijuana possession, activists made him a poster boy for
their campaign against a 1998 law that denies financial aid to any student
with a drug conviction. The law has deprived more than 124,000 students of
financial aid, according to Students for Sensible Drug Policy, which bills
itself as the fastest-growing student organization in the United States. No
other crime triggers the same punishment. "If Al Gore's son was paying for
school with financial aid, a conviction for marijuana possession could end
his education and seriously damage his future," said SSDP national director
Darrell Rogers in a statement. "Since his parents can afford to pay for his
education, Albert Gore III's Harvard education will continue
uninterrupted." Gore, 21, and two passengers were arrested Dec. 19 when he
was stopped for driving without his lights on. An officer, who noticed the
windows and sunroof open in cold weather, found a marijuana cigarette and a
cigarette box containing suspected marijuana.

Pubdate: Sun, 28 Dec 2003
Source: Boston Globe (MA)
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