Butter infused with feco


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I use 1 ounce of flower in my FECO recipe.
Once I cook off the Ever Clear and left with the FECO in the Pan, is where I have my question.
Can I at that point just add in two cups of coconut oil or two cups of butter? And just keep stirring till it all gels together?

Stoned Ape

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I did that last run with ethanol extract oil and chucked in a few grams of bubble hash as well. Blended well with the coconut oil. I didn't wait long enough for the oil to cool when I put it into gel caps and it leaked all over place. But the couple I sampled were good. Was 2oz weed extracted then into 50 caps. Rough calculation was approx. 120mg THC each. I decarbed before the extraction.
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