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Butter vs Cookies made with that same butter


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Hi everyone,

The other week we made some butter with weed. I made sure to decarboxylate it for 45 min in the oven at 240.

We were lazy so for a time we just used that butter straight on toasts and eat it that way. Everyone was happy with the effect.
Few days ago I made some cookies with that same butter. Most of those who tried both the cookies and butter have to say it's not the same anymore. They claimed they liked the buzz a lot better before I turn this butter into cookies.

Personally I don't know but with a vast majority of my friends saying they liked the butter better, I figured maybe there is something?

What do you think?


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I wonder if the portion of cookie contained less butter than the amount of straight butter consumed.
When the make toffee, I do my best to have the same size portions cut up. I will then test it, in small doses, until you find out how many squares it takes to medicate me. Sometimes it is 1 square and other batches may be 3-4 squares. I try to estimate the the effects on a scale of 1 to ten.
If I am sharing with others, I can inform them that 2 squares is a 5, on my scale, and they may want to start at a lower dose just to make sure they do not have a negative experience. Then they can see how they are feeling and go up or down on their next dose.
I guess there could be a loss of thc when cooking at a high heat like 400 f. I have read that the higher heat can increase the cbd effect and lower the thc.
Btw, I infuse one oz to 4 sticks of butter and use one stick in my toffee or cookies. That way I kind of have an idea how far it will go, with a finished batch of edibles.
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