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Butter Milk

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Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to get a journal started. I’m growing 2 plants, 1 sprouted a week late, but is catching up quickly in size. I am using LST on the older plant (9/7/18) and I FIM’d the younger plant (9/13/18) @ 15 days. As of Oct. 1st they are 24 and 17 days old. Both growing in one 3 gallon pot in an old mini fridge turned micro grow. 18”x18”x24”


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Butter Milk

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So, I’m going to use LST on both plants, cause I need mad amounts of bud to smoke. I’ve never actually seen many LST photos, but the way I’m doing it allows full light to the things sprouting from the leaf stem thingy mo bobbers. Either way, this method seems like a great choice, given my restrained space issue. 18x18x24 for 2 plants will be hilarious. Especially if i add 2 more lights when they start to flower.

I’m not sure that my first FIM attempt was enough of a snip. Guess we’ll see soon enough, right? She might just sprout stumps lol.

Here’s some pictures of my girls getting bent though.


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Hi butter welcome to the mag! Glad to see you got your first journal started!

Would be great to see your setup and know a bit more about your grow!

If there are any questions your journal is a great place to log them where we can see and help you along the way! Green days!

Butter Milk

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My “Rig” if you will. 4 - $15 grow lights from Home Depot. $20 - 4” fan, again Home Depot. All crammed in a mini-fridge. I have it venting into my garage attic.

The plants are about 4” from those LED’s, these plants love the LED, love it. Garden soil/compost and 1/4” filler rocks if you will, make up my medium.

My nutes are 24-8-16 miracle grow mix. I know I’m a noob, but it all seems to be working great together! These things explode after feeding time. (maybe a gallon of water a week right now)

Very little smell right now.


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Butter Milk

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When I bought these auto anesthesia seeds from Seedsman (plug?) they claimed 60 Day from germ to harvest. Is that believable? What would that be, veg for 4 weeks, flower for 4 weeks? They also claim to be short, so it seems like, as long as possible, I should keep these plants bent at 4” and keep going with the LST?

I have them on 20/4 light, and they’re just going to bloom when ever the hell they please, huh?


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Seeds Can vary from one to the next one see might finish in 8wks and another may be 9.5wks really depends of the genetics!

LST is a great technique to keep your plants short and spread. Supercropping or Pinching is also a good method to keep the canopy even and low!

Autoflowers depend on 18+ hours of light a day to give you the yields and product you would want! 18/6. 20/4. 24/0. Are all good light cycles for autos. I personally run an 18/6 schedule due to my research and my personal experience. I also think that plants need some downtime to recoop. During the lights on plants are working on photosynthesis and using what they have stored in their leaves. During the dark cycle the nutrients are restored to the leaves through the root system and vigorous growth starts again When lights come on. This again is my thoughts on the whole theory and there are many different views and reasons behind which light cycle is best for autos.


Butter Milk

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So, I decided to re-FIM the younger plant as it was sprouting stumps when I got up this morning. Now, it’s a nice clean cut, just like the pictures I’ve seen online. The only reason I decided to FIM, honestly, is due to pure curiosity. I want to say that I did it, it worked, and it yielded good results.

Here’s some pictures from this morning. (18 days & 25 days)

Both plants are very healthy.

-Butter Milk (Biscuits?)


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Butter Milk

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I FIM’d plant #2 yesterday, she didn’t even notice, she just started moving horizontally instead.

Amazing seeds for like $7 each.
By Pyramid Seeds

-Butter Knutz Squarsh-


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Butter Milk

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Day 28 and 22 I believe.

These ladies are growing at a stunning rate. Starting to concern me as this is my first grow. I have about a foot of room before I would have to get too worried about space.

I’m going to have to start getting to grow towards the back of the fridge.

Let’s get it done.

Milky McMilk Nutz-

(Here’s a few pix from today)

(Medium is drying out quicker, every 2 days instead of 3)


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