Buzz's 2nd Journal: Karolyn, Blueberry & Skunk


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High All! Here is my 2nd Journal, For this run I have pulled Skunk and Blueberry clones, and I am trying out a couple of varieties from Spectrum Cannabis called Humber Valley Kush, and Karolyn . This journal is 60 days late getting started so please forgive me! The 2nd variety from Spectrum, the Humber Valley Kush, all germinated but either failed to thrive or grew deformed. The Karolyn however is truly impressive so far!

My setup
Room 1, 5 X 10 x 10 feet, curtained to a 5x5 grow area and a small 3' x 20" x 5' tent with sun blaster fluorescents for the mothers and cloning. This room has a vented 600 MH/HPS in a cool tube reflector and a CF Grow double Cree 3590 full spectrum led light. Light level is 24,000 lux 20 inches from the lights. Room is at 65 at night and heats to 78 during daytime. Exhaust fan runs with the lights. Humidity at 40%. Growing one plant, the Karolyn from seed and it is going to fill the room I think! The plan is to see how much I can get from an uncrowded giant!

Room 2 is a 4' X 2 'x 84" tent with 3 Cree 3590 full spectrum led lights. 74 during day, 66 at night, 40% humidity. 3 clones, 2 Blueberry and a Skunk.

I plant in sunshine #4 peat mix.
I use Advanced Nutrients at 80% of recommended rate to avoid salt buildup. Plants do not seem to be growing any slower.
I top water heavy once a week with ph reduced RO water to push residual salts down to the roots. No adverse effects so far.
Just before I moved to a 2nd tent, and I really , really like the Cree 3590's

This is the Karolyn, almost 4 feet across and 60 days old in a 15 gallon pot! Showed pre flowers at a month! Ready to flip but as I have some space I am going another week.

Okay, its a bit crowded in there already, I probably will move the Skunk back to my other room as the Blueberry takes precedence in this tent and will take more time overall!

The 2 x 4 x 7 tent. 600 Watts, 3 Cree 3590's​

2 Blues and a Skunk​
Oops, found a typo!
The 2 x 4 x 7 tent. 300 Watts, 3 Cree 3590's​
Day 66. I'm gonna flip the Karolyn and Skunk on Sunday. The Skunks a bit small but I have room issue's! I started my clones and seeds on the same day and it took almost a month for the clones to get going! I will also switch over to the HPS so it should get a lot brighter and I am hoping the addition of the full spectrum COB's will make the pictures a little better looking. Really happy with the natural spread on the Karolyn, I have only topped it twice and done some tying off and its almost 3X4 in canopy size.

Skunk and Karolyn​
Canopy and Lights shot​
Flipped! I took a reading on my MH bulb only first at 20 inches, which gives me 18,000 lux. The HPS gives me 22,000 at the same distance, and when I turn on the Dbl COB with it I'm getting 25,000 lux. I spun the HID fixture as it shoots wider this way. Top watered with 2.5 gallons of RO ph 5.7 to flush, with a bit of AN Voodoo juice and installed the trellis, so it should be ready to go and I will switch to the bloom nutes for the next bottom feed. .

Sounds like a plan, you going to use your cob?
It's running, you can kind of see the housing on the top right and the lights a bit bluer on the right as well. So 800 watts going into those two, a bit much but I want to see what the big girl can do!
My room sits at max 80 F, and I have a large 5" inline exhaust fan thats on the lowest varispeed setting. It exhausts into another much larger room that is electrically heated, so in the fall and winter it's not actually wasted heat and the air loops back into the grow room. Also have an air to air heat exchanger on the adjoining room to get rid of the excess humidity it injects into there. The grow room is 5 x 10 x 10 so it doesn't seem to get to hot at all. Unless the fan quits...... :( Next run, another dbl COB so I can run 600 watts in there and put the HID, and its heat issue's, on the shelf.
Unless the fan quits...... :( Next run, another dbl COB so I can run 600 watts in there and put the HID, and its heat issue's, on the shelf.

Minor Screw Up! Flipped them yesterday and didn't look hard enough at the digital timer and it was on all night! The exhaust fan, however, was not. So it was a balmy 34 C in there, luckily I had watered hard yesterday so they did not look any worse for it. :rolleyes: And I had just mentioned it........
Yeah, luckily I wasn't half way through flower!
Its one of those timers that can sit in three states, on, auto or off and when I was cycling through it I muffed it!

Sidenote: You do have to watch those digital timers, many are not meant to be used with digital ballasts for some reason, and will usually say so on the back.
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