Buzz's 2nd Journal: Karolyn, Blueberry & Skunk

Hey DV, They all look pretty darn happy! Obviously you live somewhere warmer, pretty much frozen solid here now! We are limited in Canada to 4 plants, so not much choice other than to grow them big if you want some production.
So I got a slightly larger tent (2'4" x 4'8") vs (2 x 4) for my blueberries so I could run 2 dbl COB fixtures in there sideways for 400 watts. I have a circulation fan inside, and I have the top 10" vent hole, side 10" vent hole, and the side screened airvent open, and it is staying a comfortable 76 in there by convection without an exhaust fan! The room is 68 F. LED's are so nice!

As I moved the dbl COB, these girls are stuck with a single COB and the 600 HPS.

I keep goofing up the digital timers when I reset stuff! Looking at the above thermometer pix I realized the night time low was too high, and discovered the light was just set to on! My night temps are usually 65F. Not a biggee as these are still in veg, but I apparently learn slow! That brand of thermometer unfortunately needs to be manualyl reset for highs and lows, but I got another one from Home Hardware that automatically resets every 24 hours, so it will work better as a light monitor! Plus it was 12 bucks!
So 1 week into flower and the Karolyn is full on! This plant seems very well adapted for small grows as I didn't have to spend a bunch of time training, etc, and its certainly filled the space, but its not over till its over! Top watered with nutes and AN Cal Mag/Kelp solution both at half rate as I really don't want to slow her down at this point, just paranoid about a salt buildup!! She didn't seem to notice!

I've acquired a disease, GAS we used to call it in the music industry. Gear Acquisition Syndrome! Just can't seem to go to my local light supply store and not come home with another light. I was looking for a bit more LED light in the small tent, dealer had an older stock of CF Grow GL-252 that look red but are sold as full spectrum. Very bright, puts out nearly 20,000 lux at 20 inches. Very directional, which is why I am running it higher. Not bad for 160 Canuk bucks! Also added a 4" duct booster fan to exhaust the tent, which seems to be just enough so far. I have a 6" inline on the shelf that I removed from my larger room as it was just too much. Large room is now running great with only a 6" duct booster exhaust, with a 5" inline still hooked up if I require more air exchange, but so far, not! I'm trying to minimize operating costs and make it run efficiently, cause I'm kinda a dweeb at heart! So the entire tent including two fans is using 4.47 amps / 536.4 watts@120V

Are you 1 week in from flip or first pistils?

The Blueberries are still in veg, I am just letting them get bigger, and they never really stopped having pistils. Probably flip them in a week or so. I had flowered their mother, and the skunk mother to determine sex and brought them back to 18/6 and they both pushed out single flowers throughout the veg stage and it continued on with their clones. The Karolyn and Skunk in room 1 are 8 days into flower.
Started using my flowering nutes today , like the grow nutes, at 85% rate. Also started AN's Big Bud at 50% rate. While the Blueberies are still in veg I have switched the nutes over to the same as the main room. They seem to like the extra nitrogen, and I will flip them this weekend anyway. They also seem to like it a bit more wet than the skunk or karolyn.
Karolyn 11 days from flip. hard at it with the flowers, a real speedster!

Had good luck with the rockwool clones, 6 out of 6, but still took 10 days to get to this state.

Checking out the dispersion with the new light, avg. 10,000 lux at 30 inches. Trippy!

I didn't think 10 days was bad at all. I'm usually around 20 days in my aquacloner. Those are very nice flowers on Karolyn.

Thanks Scrogdawg, I guess I'm just impatient, and I have been trying different cloning techniques with varying results. Tried a deweymister and there was nothing after 20 days. The rockwool seems a bit quicker than my old way of sticking them in peat, but it was usually successful as well, just slower.
The Karolyns a rockstar so far, and her clones are taking off. One is going to be a mother and two others will be part of my next run. Too bad the company has stopped selling seeds.... but I have two more seeds and if one's a male, I shall endeaver to create more seed! I also plan to run a couple Casino Royales from Crop King for the next run. :ganjamon:
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