Buzz's 2nd Journal: Karolyn, Blueberry & Skunk

That is confusing??

I did read somewhere that LED's and light meters don't like each other and it may have something to do with this. Put your camera in slo mo and film your lights. Older style leds, like the CF grow Cl-252 red and blue I just purchased will flicker, my Cobs do not, so either their refresh rate is much higher, or they fade slower when off, like an incandescent bulb does. So a fast digital meter may be expecting steady state light but is now reading when the led is off and is averaging the two states and giving a false reading. Just speculating....
Room Ied's did this when they first came out as they were using line frequency for a clock, but that has been taken digitally to high speeds and is not filmable with an iphone.

Lux meters don’t like blurple leds, is what i heard...
What distance from the light are your tips? I also test at the tips, which I usually keep 20 inches from the light. My HPS is rated at 90,000 initial lumens. And there is also a 100 W 3590 Cree Cob in there.

Here is a link to a converter site, the interesting thing is how the ppfd to lux conversion changes depending on the light selected.

Convert PPFD to Lux - Online Calculator | Waveform Lighting

I test at tips, best use of light is to create a flat, even top for min photon wastage...

Evefy thpe of light has a diff lux to ppfd conversion factor...
I test at tips, best use of light is to create a flat, even top for min photon wastage...

Evefy thpe of light has a diff lux to ppfd conversion factor...

Thanks, Yeah, here is a link I posted earlier in this thread that demonstrates that problem, which is why I don't convert from lux. Convert PPFD to Lux - Online Calculator | Waveform Lighting Have you tried filming your light in Slo Mo to see if it flickers? I am researching meters but not there yet....

And how far away are your tips? I try for reasonably flat, but I don't get too crazy over it. And its easier with a short indica like my Skunk or Blueberry, but not that easy with a tall growing sativa like the Karolyn, at least as far as the time needed to do that.
That color, that is the full spectrum cobs right
Actually, that is a hps that has been colour corrected in photoshop. You can tell because the pistols are almost impossible to correct to white. Here is a good sample of the light from a cob only. Once these gals start flowering I will do some close ups. I added a cob to my pix in my earlier post today, and turned down the hps to get a little better light. Still did some corrections though. Looking at the lowest flower that is shaded from the HPS, you can see the effect of the much whiter Cob

With added COB and Hps
So all 4 grows are chuggin along. The Karolyn is going hard at 22 days after flip, Skunks is starting to pickup, and the two Blueberries @ 8 days after flip are stretching, but no real flowers in any quantity yet. My clones have all survived and are now on hold for the next grow, along with a Karolyn mother.

Good looking plant, I love those deeply serrated leaves!

Yeah, I think this one is almost pure sativa! I am looking forward to trying one outside this summer just to see how tall it will get, and as it flowererd lightly at 18 hours a day, there is a chance it could mature outside here. Apologies if you're watching my other threads and I get redundant!!
I bought another light, its a disease! and I put it in the B1 Blueberry Tent and returned the single cob to the hps room, which really improves the colour for photos (see above). And it brings it up to 25,000 lux or so directly underneath it. As I have decided to let the Blueberries gro to a somewhat natural state for the light experiment, I found another reason why cobs in pairs are useful! Its overkill, I know, but once the experiments over I will be growing two plants per tent and it will be basically back to tipping and tying with the lights on a flat plane.

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