BWC's FLO Hut, w/ Bagseed, Purple Kush

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Member of the Month: 3rd Place Winner
4x4 Grow Tent (white interior)
400 HPS remote ballast
Sun System Aircooled hood w/ 4 " openings
400W MH conversion lamp
4 DJ Short's FLO seeds from Coffee Shop Blue Sky, Oaksterdam
2 seeds from bagseed (pics not in 1st post)
4" S&P inline fan 100/135 CFMs
Passive intake system
Fox Farms Ocean Forrest Soil (from here reffered to FFOF)
Fox Farms Grow Big nutes
Green Light Neem Concentrate
PH up/down
Dyna grow bloom (for cuttings)
Clonex rooting gel
Tap Water/distilled water (for now)
Upcoming Equipment
Hygrometer (get one today or tommorow)
Oscillating Fan (get it today or tommorow)
TDS meter
Better PH meter

OK wasn't particularly planning on beginning a journal again. I could really just use a little advice, but I figured that I'd be more dilligent during the process with some buds "ridin' my ass" about posting and updates. So here's whats goin on. Got 4 DJ Short's FLO (girls hopefully) from seed under 400w MH conversion lamp.


Germed em on the 13th in a cup of water in a cabinet (w/no light) overnight then (once root tip emerged) placed sllightly beneath the soil root tip down 3-15. I left in cups with FFOF for a week and a half and transplanted to 1/2 gal pots in FFOF. Watered with distilled water and Superthrive (B1). Mid last week I lightly fed with FF Grow Big (way under recomended dosage). I began noticing brown spots developing on the newer leaves on 2 plants.

I've had this happen to some sensi star plants that got so bad I cut them down. I was told by an advisor that I am dealing with calcium deficiency due to using distilled water. I was advised to use tap water to compensate for lack of calcium. My question is what's the best way to correct this? Should I follow the tap water advice? Should I be foliar feeding with some sort of calcium supplement? Should I flush? Last watering was a few days ago. I haven't been really monitoring the exact amounts of water and nutes, I have been watering/feeding to runoff as needed. Now that I started this journal, my routine will tighten up in weeks to come. Input? If u notice in the leaf tips are curled down, which occured after first feedind. Gotta lighten up on nutes. Then the ridges of the leaves began curling under yesterday after heat issues. Installed inline fan last night. Whitish spots on leaves in close ups of suspected calcium deficiency photos are just water droplets from misting.

I will be adding Oaksyerdam's cut of Purple Kush and some bag seed I've collected. Oh yeah' I forgot to mention that all four FLO's have been topped and their tops are in a prop tray rooting soon to be sexed. I plan on keeping the best looking girl for a mom. I topped on 4-16. Also have some bagseed seedlings placed in soil on 4-16 as well.
Posted :yahoo: an welcome back to the fun world of journaling. :rofl: I like journaling it just can be hectic with life and all. But it is good to see all the comments. And BWC you got your game together, so I'm sure you got this run straight. As for how to manage the def. I cant recommend the tap water issue. Tap water is to iffy IMHO. Not to say it wont work, agina I'm just sketchy about any tap water. So I gotta go with supplimenting it with cal, either via leaf or adding it to the rez.
Thanks Butch. Guess I'll start foliar feeding tommorow. Never done it but seen it done. How frequently do u suggest foliar feeding to correct the deficiency? Regularly? Yea ur right, journaling can be a task, but I figured y not? Its just more motivation for me and keeps me from getting too lazy, lol. Good to be back bro.
I would just fallow the direction from the manufactuer. I very rarely use foliar unless its Liquid Light, but they have a different way of applying the foliar. You actually have to wait til half way through the light cycle before even spraying . Where as you dont want to spray with the lights on or at least not that far into the lights on cycle. I recommend checking their site for the most up to date acurate info. Cause feeding programs can change so often, and you wouldnt want to apply a foiliar to much or to little. I must roccomend to give the leafs a good wipe down aevery so often if you floiar. This sill help keep the stomata clean.
Quick Update and New Additions

Thanks Butch. I misted them earlier with tap water, dunno if it helped (until I can foliar feed). Anyhow, I grabed a new TDS meter which I believe measures temp also for around $80.00, oscillating fan $20.00, bungees to suspend fans and various equipment $8.00, Fox Farms Big Bloom (or somethin like that) $14.00, and reference solution $8.00. I also picked up 2 Bubba Kush, 2 Mendo Purps, 1 Purple Erkle Clone. The plan is to mom the best 3-4 for the best cuttings possible. I need to step my "mom" game up. I always end up flowering them eventually because I really didn't have ample room to work with tall plants and big pots when it comes to flushing the media. So now I think I've made enough preparations to give it a go. So all together there are 4 FLO (from seed), 2 bagseed seedlings, 2 Bubba Kush clones, 2 Mendo Purps Clones, 1 Purple Erkle clone. Couldn't find any good purple kush clones over the last 2 days. Think I'll wait a while and work with what I have. I'll post pics of the clones later. They are in another room in a prop tray under 24 hr incandescent lighting with a light dynagrow bloom mix dilluted in the water in the tray to promote better root growth. A problem I see often from club clones. This can be problematic when transplanting to soil from my experience. I also have the tops of the FLO plants in another propogation tray w/heat mat beneath (1st time using one). More pics to come
HaPPy 420!!!

Pics of Yesterday's Update
Bagseed purple widow seedlings

Suspended fan. Fan light shot

New Clones quarentined in another room. In a prop tray to promote further root growth before transplanting to soil

-Emptied some nute solution from the newest prop tray to leave enough moisture to encourage root growth, but not enough to promote root rot. Just trying to get the roots established a little better b4 transplanting to soil.
-Secured the fan to the top of the tent frame via 2 bungee cords.
-Misted clones with tap water

*FLO #6 f1 clone which is a top of FLO #4 (I believe) had some browning
of the new growth so I pinched it off. Not sure how growth will be
affected. The 2 fan leaves are now pointed str8 up. not sure whats goin
on with it but the other 3 look ok.
-Mixed 1L H2O/1mL Plant Amp (calcium additive)/0.5 mL Fox Farm (FF) Grow
Big concentrate and poured into sprayer 85.2F, 381 PPM, PH 6.5. My first time really trying to treat a deficiency detected early using folair feeding.
-Sprayed FLO #1,3,4 light and soil side of foliage with light nute mix.
-I decided to treat #2 with reguar nute feeding with ca additives. I wish
to monitor which recovers faster.
-The remaing nutes from the sprayer were fed to FLO #2.
Pic of all the nutes and things

I'll be monitoring this suspected Ca deficiency by monitoring the new growth. I'm hoping for lush green healthy new growth w/out spots. That's it for now.
Purple widow sounds sweet! Is that a PVC tent??

Frame's metal. I dunno what the white interior is. Its a knock off brand. P. Widow's ok. I'm a PK man, but only like the Coffee Shop Blue Skyy cut of purple kush. I just have to keep goin back till I can get some before they sell out.

Here's one 6 weeks in bloom.
Should finish in another couple weeks. The smell is pungent as hell. Has a purple "gas" (natural not petrol) odor, heavy though. I love it!! Everytime u burst a trichome it ignites smell receptors in the nostrils. If pot strains were women, she might be the 1.
4-22 Update-PROBLEMS w/pics

Update 4-22
Yesterday, the orginal 4 FLO's were lightly fed. I mixed 1L of FF grow mix with 1 ml of Cutting edge solutions' Plant Amp (calcium additive). 1L @ 436 PPM, 80.6F, PH 6.7, Not enough to obtain measurable runoff from each pot, but it was late, pots were light and this was my solution. Next will be a watering/flush when pots are light again. Hopefully I can try to gain control of my media. Here are the girls with oscillating fan for ciculation. This fan will be mounted overhead eventually.

Here are the 2 most affected FLO girls FLO 1 (left), FLO 4 (right)
The problem/deficiency appears to be progressing through out the plant rather quickly it seems.
Here is the top of # 4 in prop tray (FLO #8). Yellowing appeared 2-3 days ago.

And the top of FLO #2 was the 1st to take a crap. Its leaves were pointing st8 up at first, now there are brown spots appearing. WTF? Maybe this can be attributed to the heat mat beneath ot the fact that I have never (until now) used bloom nutes on cuts to promote rooting. As far as PH goes for prop trays, should the solution be PH in hydro range 5.5-6.5 while in the tray? Anyone have a specific PH for their prop trays. I normally just use water in there until roots show. Its weird, almost every other time I learn something new and try it I mess it up, lol. HELP!!

Starting from seed has been kinda tricky for me. I'm used to dealing almost exclusively with clones. I tried some seedlings a few months back and this same thing seems to have killed them. I need help here. If u haven't been thru this let the ones that have help please.

These are the quarentined clones (5 in all).

Purple Widow seedling are looking good other than a little more strectching than I care for. They are starting to form their 2nd set of leaves. That's it for now. Feedback/input appreciated. I think I need to examine doc bud's hempy grow with FLO and see how she handles nutes. 1st time with damn near all these strains. :peace:
Mini Update

Disconnected the heat mat. I hope too much damage wasn't done. I think they'll still stick. FLO #8 whose leaves were pointing str8 up, is now relaxing her fans. I was reading up on FF nutes and thanks to a link Harry Red posted I saw the FF recomended feeding schedule. I was unaware that I was supposed to feed the plants grow big and big bloom simultaneously at times. So I have some adjustments to make. I didn't flush yet and one plant looks worse by the minute. Guess that's on the agenda for the morning. Gotta add more waterto the quarentined prop tray, then sleep time.
4/24-25 Update

Still haven't flushed. 1 plant is worse off than the rest and I'm more inclined to believe that the problems I am having are due to PH issues. The plant worse off at this point is the one with most drastic PH difference between nutes and runoof as u will see in a minute. I also had to recalibrate my PH meter as well as clean it with a solution made for PH electrodes (I'm pretty sure its not absolutely necessary but I'm trying to eliminate as many factors that may be contributing to the problems I am encountering. Ok so time for data and pics. Came in last night and I checked on the FLO hut and noticed that FLO 1 & 2 were slightly wilted due to lack of water. I last watered FLO 1 on 4/23 and FLO 2 was fed on 4/22 (she skipped a watering oops). As u can see here they don't look to swell. I watered each (1L total) tap H2O PH 6.7 before bed.
Here's how they looked last night

4/25 Update
1029 am- Misted light/soil side of FLO clones. This is the 9th day and there are no sign of roots. I may have botched this but at least I realize the possible contirbuting factors.

One clone didn't make it but it had problems from the begining (FLO 6 which is the top of FLO 2). You can see this one wilted in the back on the right side of pic.
1) heat mat - its simply to hot this time of year and its not necessary in
this climate.
2) nutes - the mother plants were fed their 1st dose of veg nutes the
day of or before. So I'm sure the nitrogen boost from feeding isn't
helping. I've noticed that some strains allow u to take cuttings while
they're pumped full of nutes. I'm not sure if the heat has something
to do with it, but appearantly this strain isn't one of them.
1132 am - Mixed 1 gal tap H2O/ 1 tsp FFGB/1tbsp FFBB/5 mL cutting edge sloution Plant Amp (calcium additive). Basically I fed them half of the concentration suggested by the manufacturers. The nutes read as follows: 415 PPM, PH 6.7, 78.8F prior to feeding. Each pot was feed according to what the plants needed. Between 18-36 oz each. I used 85% of the nutes mixed. I'll throw the rest on the 1st one whose top soil dries.
Runoff was collected and measered from each drain pan.
Runoff measeured as follows: FLO 1 -PH 6.5, 1720 PPM, 80F,
FLO 2 PH 6.4/6.5, 1780PPM, 79.8F, FLO 3 PH 6.0/6.1 (on the low side, out of range), 2700 PPM (nutes may be getting locked out due to PH), 79.7F, FLO 4 PH 6.7, 1960 PPM, 79.7F.
Here they are approx 30 mins after feeding and dead (necrotic) foliage removed.

Necrotic foliage removed (primarily from FLO 1 & 2)

The last thing I did was top of the bottom prop trays with tap H2O PH 6.0
I tried the bloom nutes with the cuts this time and it didn't seem to help even tho there were other issues that could be excacerbating their situation. With that said I think I'll just stick to my past cloning practices which I got satisfactory results. I don't really tend to loose cuts but every so often it happens ro I just completely screw things up, lol. I know a few things but have a whole lot more to learn. Happy to pass on info I pick up as well. In put is appreciated as always. That's it for now. :peace: from the Bay.Now its :grinjoint::smokin::Rasta: time
Mini Update 4-26

Clones showing 1st sign of roots. I checked one and saw a single root tip emerg from the bottom of the grodan cube. So I see that my assumption was safe. The heat (moderate ambient temps + a heat mat beneath prop tray) didn't inhibit root development. Not much more to report. 2 plants have 2 toned leaves lighter green and daek green. Not a drastic difference. If I don't get to the bottom of it soon I have a strong feeling I know where this is going. So more to come stay tuned and smoke 1 for me till I can get to another 1. :peace:
Quick update.
Sorry I haven't been posting, but I took notes to transfer here when I have time as well as pics. Get u caught up soon. I never flushed' just adjusted PH. 3 of four seem to be ok. Did some transplanting' took more cuts, sexing the 1st cuts now. Been busy like I said, lotta good stuff goin my way. I'll try to get u guys caught up this week. Thanks for checkin in on me Butcher. :peace:
Looking good BWC

Hope the Cal problems your having are sorted, also i would not discredit the info given to you about using tap water But to correct a problem it is best to foiler feed or added to your nutrients solution, as The Butcher has already advise you to do. Once corrected though, tap water should be okay unless its soft IMO,
Time for an Overdue Update

Ok sorry its been a while since the update. Life's finally began to start loving me back so I been a lil busy. here's what's been going on.


4/27 Misted cuts. Roots showiing on FLO 7&8. Fed FLO #3 remaining veg nutes from the 25th. temp 80.2F, RH 25%
4/28 Misted Cuts
. FLO 6 is a cutting that almost died. In the prop tray she started browning an took longer to root (not even sure if its a she). I left her to see how much a cutting can take. From 1 fan leaf half brown, it managed to root and start new growth. These things at times seem bullet proof.
4/29 Misted Clones. Watered FLO 1 (wilted from lack of water) w/H2O from spray bottle. Transplanted BK1 (bubba kush) to a red cup from 6"grodan cube (clone came from club using the "6 pack" method), MP1 (mendo purps) to a 4" square pot, MP2 1L pot, PE1 (purple erkle) to 1/2 gal pot, BK 2 to 1.5 gal pot' FLO 5&7 to 1/2 gal pots all in FFOF. Watered with H2O (1 gal)/B1 (25mL). FLO cuts inside tent, while new club cuts remain isolated in another room until sprayed. Watered FLOs w/half gal H2O/B1 PH 6.7. Quarentined cuts (in another room) from club before spraying with neem concentrate.

4/30 misted clones and rotated pots. I try to make it a point to rotate pots daily although I don't always log it in.
5/1Took 2 cuts from each of the 4 FLO "moms". Misted cuts and placed in prop tray. Mixed 1 gal H2O/1 tsp FFGB/1tbsp FFBB PH 6.7, 675 PPM, 80.7F. Fed all FLOs veg/grow mix all but 6 oz. Runoff achieved in all pots. Watered FLO 5&7 H2O PH 6.7. mixed 1/2gal H2O/ 1/2 tsp Green Light Neem concentrate to spray quarentined cuttings as well as "mothers" . No ill affects noted on new cuts and there are ready to be integrated into the FLO hut.
Runoff Readings:FLO 3- 6oz/PH
6.3/2490 PPM, FLO 4- 3oz/PH6.5/2550 PPM, FLO 1 4oz, PH 6.6\6.7/2020 PPM, FLO 2 -14oz, PH 6.5, 2230 PPM.
Sprayed All pots except the purple widow seedlings.
Here's one of the original clones (a top cutting of FLO 1) that wilted slightly because of I failed to wated enough after transplanting. It recovered as if nothing happened within a day or 2.

5/2 Misted cuts in morning and evening. FLO 8 has established roots in prop tray. Give roots another day or 2 before transplanting. ambient temp high today. Opened tent and added 2nd oscillating fan to circulated air. Seedllings almost dried out (the pots). PE1 was wilted. H2O in prop tray low, added tap H2O, PH 6.7 and wated light pots with the same water.

5/3Misted cuts, temp 90.2F. Transplated FLO 1-3 from 1/2 gal pots to 1 gal, PW (purple widow bagseed) 1&2 from party cups to 1/2 gal pots, BK1 from party cup to 1/2 gal pot. All in FFOF. Mixed 1 gal
H2O/2 caps of B1, PH 6.6. Watered all transplants using all of the H2O.
5/4 misted cuts. FLO 14 was droopy/wilted and grodan cubes were light. Poured H2O from spray bottle and aggitated in prop tray. Fed MP2 remaining oz of nutes. Watered BK1&2, MP1&2, FLO 3 1 gal
H2O PH 6.6. Watered FLO 7 till runoff. Cleaned prop trays and saucers as well as the FLO hut floor.
5/5 Misted clones. Watered PW 2 & FLO 4 w/H2O PH 6.6/6.7 (borderline reading). Transplanted FLO 8 to 4" square in FFOF watered H2O/B2 PH 6.7. FLO 8 leaves were pointing/curling upwards, unsure why.
5/6 Misted clones twice today. FLO 14 wilted again from lack of water/misting. Watered FLO 1 and MP1 w/ tap H2O PH 6.8. Placed more water in prop tray PH 6.8.
5/7 misted cuts. Took cuts (FLO 17-29) from

Placed cuts in prop tray with a light mix of dyna grow bloom mix. I didn't measure, just added a few drops to H2O and PH around 6.0. Watered FLO 2&3 2/3 gal H2O PH 6.7.
I am flushing my FLO "moms" as I type. I believe I did this incorrectly. I am flushing with a dilluted veg mix based upon the recommended FF feeding schedule. I flushed with the light nute mix 1st. I'm getting high PPM readings in the runoff. I think I should've flushed with H2O 1st to bring the PPMs in the soil down and then add lite nute mix to leave the plants with enough nutes till next feeding. I have taken too much time today doing this wrong and have things to do so I will be monitioring the flushed pots and foliar feeding to correct problem. How often should I foliar feed?

Here some bud porn. Purple Kush and 1 grape stomper plant. this was a little more than 2 weeks from harvest. Since this pic all pots recieved their final flush. Harvest this week.
. I believe the HPS was just comming on in the pics. In the 2nd pic, the plants in the back were moms that gave me problems after 2 1/2 months so I bloomed them. Anxiously awaiting feedback.
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