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Bystanders Steal Pot From Murder Scene

Jim Finnel

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There was an unusual twist to the story of a potentially drug-related shooting in southeast Houston last night: As a man lay dying in an apartment complex parking lot, bystanders apparently stole a bunch of marijuana from the crime scene. The incident occurred at about 8:40 p.m. at an apartment complex in the 5600 block of Selinsky, just off MLK Boulevard; a witness told police she heard gunfire and looked out her window to see a wounded man leaning out of a silver Chevrolet Monte Carlo. The woman ducked to avoid more gunfire, and when the shooting stopped she ran downstairs and found that the wounded man had gotten away and another lay bleeding in the car.

The woman went to call paramedics, who arrived to find the bleeding man dead in the car. The wounded man the woman had initially seen – who had apparently run to get help – was taken to Ben Taub with injuries to his nose and back. Police say a third man, possibly the shooter, might have fled the scene with the weapon.

It's not clear what prompted the shooting, but police say it might have been drug-related because marijuana was found at the scene. It's not clear exactly how the drugs were involved or how much marijuana there was, though, because by the time the cops showed up, bystanders appeared to have stolen much of it, leaving marijuana scattered across the parking lot.


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