C-PTSD anger


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i spent so many years on psych drugs for anger anxiety etc. due to my severe c-ptsd. but i've always had a severe anger problem even before this, so when the ptsd hit, the anger issue became out of control , i woke up pissed and went to bed pissed and was pissed all day...i've always smoked but it wasn't until i started smoking more that i realized my anger was A LOT better when i smoked. so one by one i stopped the psych meds and upped my marijuana use. and for the past 3-4 years i've been using marijuana ONLY and i am so much better than when i was on the doctor prescribed psych meds. i will NEVER go back to the pills, i wish everyone with PTSD knew about this...:peace:


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Ive got it too bro, i never went on meds. I was prescribed valium for a while which came in handy on bad nights. But ya man, without it im ready to murder a fool for cutting me off, but if im smoked im level and feel good.

Just waitin for Illinois to make it 100% legal, then i can pick my strains
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