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C.R.A.P.S. Palm Springs

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Re: C.R.A.P.S. * Palm Springs Med Nightmare's

Well I got a flyer for Compassionate Caregivers.. 333 N Palm Canyon drive.. But, the Meds suck there too.. MR. Kush was the only decent strain out of about 17 different one's. The Girls working there were Cute and flirty though..
C.A.P.S. has gotten worse and worse.. The Strains are dry and Fake.. The Kush's there are B.S. and 78 an 8th or 28 a gram!! The buds always look like someone made Butane extraction hash with the Weed Before it was put in the jars.. It just doesnt have the Look , smell or high of a Real Kush. All the other strains there are played out!

I drove to LA last week and loaded up on the 916 Kush, Kottonmouth Kush and some Green Tea Weed Soda's..

La and the BAy still are the Best.. Im moving back soon! F--- Palm Desert!
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