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C99 x Blueberry Fast: Pheno Hunting & Comparison Grow Featuring Alaskan Purple


Just found this thread would have been good last summer but better late then never grow Cinderella 99 blueberry fast outdoors last summer was a great yielded over 2 lbs and was the strongest by far smelled like blueberry with a little rotten berry. Stone was very heady at first then relaxed a bit after an hr


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20 days later........ :11: My cousin took her down and trimmed and washed her nice and tidy on Saturday.:green_heart:
Alaskan Purple 7/19/19 reveg.


My cousin took a sample nug a month ago which we smoked two weeks ago and it was a heavy body melt sensation that hit me and I actually felt high and wobbly which made me all giddy and weak cause with a high tolerance I don't often get like that....:19:

Her flowers are solid, like pressing a sponge between your fingers feel to them,sticky sticky to the touch and the smell is a funny one to describe......haha

Musk X violet ( if that's a smell ) and reminds me of " nag champa " incense sticks wrapped up in 60's era type weed cloyingly nauseous hanging bout in your nostrils and back throat type of smell.....

Lost 3 branches which snapped after some rain cpl weeks backand after taping up and supporting never recovered and I didn't see them due to being on bedrest after hurting my back 2 weeks ago and only been up the last 2 days now stretching all the bits and pieces.....

C99 X Blueberry 7/19/19 reveg.


When I decided to reveg her all I had left was a single bud and maby 2 fan leafs left after harvest and I actually thought she wasnt going to make it but eventually she pulled through and here we are today.
She would of had more tops but she's had a rough time with spider mites, weather and my dads chickens and I also lost her one side when two main branches snapped earlier on during her veg period and ruined my bondage I had going so I kinda left her to one side and let her do her thing, she's busy getting her flower mode on.

And I took two clones of her, one as a mom and the other to grow out to replace this one, I also took some very late clones off the harvested Alaskan purple from the larf that remained behind.
The AP is still in the ground but I doubt she'll survive winter and reveg again without supplemental lighting so I really hope the clones root...


On the left is the Alaskan clones and right side is C99x Blueberry.....


here's to the next chapter of a never ending saga......
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