CA: Atascadero Bans Marijuana Shops, But Can Still Grow Pot Garden & Get Deliveries

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Atascadero residents will soon be able to have recreational marijuana delivered to their homes and grow plants in their own yards, but the city remains closed for business when it comes to dispensaries.

City Council members on Tuesday night voted unanimously to pass an ordinance regulating cannabis activities within the city.

"I think we're headed toward the finish line, at least for this round," said Phil Dunsmore, the city's Community Development director.

Atascadero officials have been considering how to best regulate marijuana for months: The city held a series of open houses earlier in the year and then followed them up with two special public meetings in April and August to give staff guidance.

The city is trying to regulate marijuana activities in the wake of Proposition 64, a statewide ballot measure legalizing recreational forms of the drug. Californians approved the referendum in November, and the state will begin licensing businesses in January.

Under Proposition 64, residents are allowed to possess and use marijuana products and can grow up to six plants indoors. Local governments can regulate all other activities.

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