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CA card holder and nursing license

Best place to ask that question is with the licensing agency, or department.
Anonymously, of course.

I am a Real Estate Broker. My license would be revoked if I were to be arrested (not convicted, just arrested) for ANY felony.
They do criminal background checks and being convicted of a felony will have your nursing license revoked or disqualified, especially if related to drugs. Remember, the card program is voluntary and I don't know how easy it is to check the names on a "database". The only important documentation you need for medical cannabis in California is your physicians statement, strictly anon. Remember the lawsuits and shit involving health care.
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As far as laws go my wife is as pure as ... well OK, I'm not going there. But she isn't one to risk the loss of her license. Hell she will not jay walk LOL.

She is a cancer survivor, I'm ex military with general WTF did I do to myself for so long coupled with an injury on duty that got the better of me, so I'm disabled, yay!

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