CA: City Of Shasta Lake Celebrates The New Year With Legalized Marijuana

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Recreational marijuana can now be sold legally to adults 21 years or older who have a valid photo ID in California.

A sense of activity was going on in the City of Shasta Lake to celebrate not just the new year, but the legalization of recreational marijuana. The town is one of the few places in the Northstate that recreational marijuana can be purchased.

A ribbon-cutting ceremony took place in front of the City of Shasta Lake sign at 10 a.m., where officials and friendly faces came to support and celebrate the official day. Shasta Lake Chamber of Commerce President, Mike Rader, gave an opening speech at the ceremony on the historic day.

"Ushering in a new era in the state and local for recreational marijuana. All the votes that everybody cast back in the day have now come to fruition. This is our ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate that," said Rader.

Dispensary businesses like Leave It to Nature, Queen of Dragons and 530 Cannabis seemed prepared for the foot traffic the day would bring them. Queen of Dragons had a line of people outside their business and a line inside of people waiting to make their purchases. Leave It to Nature is the only dispensary with a drive-thru for purchasing marijuana. Leave It to Nature Co-Manager, Randi Diem, said a few cars went through the drive-thru at their store before noon and expected it to be busy later in the day.

"We already had some people use the drive-thru today for recreational, for adult use. I don't know, probably four or five. Just pull-in and see what you like," said Diem.

More than fifteen customers were waiting for the 530 Cannabis to open. Some came around an hour before 530 Cannabis doors opened. One couple, Cameron Martin-Neves and Corey Dilley, who decided to purchase their recreational marijuana from 530 Cannabis, said this legalizing means a sense of freedom to them.

"I feel free, I feel free, it's definitely a freedom thing. Free to make your own choices. I don't think anyone is hurting anybody with it. I think that they're responsible users. Everybody I've seen here today has been very adult-like. And they even have given us this perfect package here, which is childproof," said Martin-Neves.

Rader said with this change means the City of Shasta Lake is the examples of this big change.

"I'm sure this small town is kind of a testing ground. I think other cities are looking at us to see how we handle this and what becomes of this, once we show them where it's at, everyone is going to jump on board," said Rader.


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