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CA: Fighting For Commercial Cannabis

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Back in October the Shasta County Planning Commission decided to ban commercial cannabis in "unincorporated areas."

This follows a similar stance against marijuana that was passed nearly six-years ago when the planning commission banned medical dispensaries.

During that meeting a handful of people claimed the board was either misinformed on the drug, or missing out on a highly needed revenue.

One meeting goer added this industry could give this very poor county, the much needed revenue the sheriff's department needs to do the things that are needed.

But Palo Cedro resident Patrick Norman is doing more than just talking, he's now trying to retract that decision through a petition.

"It's such an important issue, the commercial cannabis in Shasta County, tax revenue, the jobs, and revitalization of the area," said Norman.

He has since been collecting signatures to force the council members to put the issue on next year's ballot.
That way voters can decide how they want marijuana regulated in Shasta County.

"We can air mark the money so it goes to the children's legacy center, the one safe place to places where the money really should be going and not into some general fund," said Norman.

But his struggle is trying to get the 5,200 signatures by December 13th.

He and his wife have started a Facebook page named "Shasta Voters Decide" to get the word out about his petition.

Norman adds if December 13th rolls around and he doesn't have enough signatures he will take the next step.
"If I have to I will go through the initiative process. "

That process will then give him six months to get the 5,200 signatures.

But for now, he'll continue with his petition and will be collecting signatures at the Shasta mall in Redding Saturday November 25th.


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