CA: Meet The Sexy Bikini Models Celebrating Their Devotion To Weed

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These smokin' hot pics show a group of Los Angeles models who know how to live the high life.

The stunning stoners are members of 420 Nurses - a social network for models who smoke weed that allows them to chat with fellow smokers and cash in on their looks.

Started in 2009 by President Vanessa "ChaCha VaVoom" Sahagun and her vice-president Summer "Rain" Pelletier, the website now has thousands of young women on their books who are trying to make a living from looking good while getting stoned.

Marijuana sales hit $6.7billion in the US after a number states legalized it.

420 Nurses - 420 is a number associated with dope in the US - doesn't actually sell drugs but conventions, canna-businesses and dispensaries can hire members to work as models, "budtenders" and brand ambassadors.

Weed business often need women who can roll a joint and even get stoned with customers all while keeping their cool.

The website also provides a marketing and clothing store for the girls and the affiliated businesses.

The all-female entrepreneurs are trying to make a honest living in a male dominated industry and are hoping to empower those around them.

Vanessa or Ms. VaVoom as she is best known said: "We wanted to bring more of a home to these girls where they're not going to feel alone. It's more of a family where we are able to grow

"We needed jobs and we want to bring green jobs back home."

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