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CA patients arrested by Feds in state court

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David and Cynthia were arrested yesterday by the feds while the attorneys
thought they were working out details. They spent the night in jail and got
out in a detention hearing today on $50,000 bond each. Their families put up
their homes. They are charged with conspiracy to possess, cultivate and
distribute 1000 plants (what Bryan Epis was convicted on) and possession and
cultivation with intent for 100 plants. If they are convicted on these
charges, they face a 10 year mandatory minimum to life. Their arraignment is
Friday at 2 pm. Tony Serra will be doing a press conference beforehand with
the defendants and others, and Sacramento patient activvists are planning a
noon demonstration at the federal building, as are people in San Fancisco,
Los Angeles, Oakland, and I hope other places. Please let me know if anyone
else can plan something, and join us.