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CA: Volatile Cannabis Manufacturing Businesses Allowed On 4th Street In Eureka

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A plan that will create space for volatile cannabis manufacturing can move forward following approval from the eureka planning commission.

The owners of 60 West 4th Street applied for a conditional use permit to allow up to three such businesses to operate.

Volatile manufacturing using solvents like butane to extract oil from cannabis. Those oils are then sold to retailers or used in other products.

Eureka's Planning Commission was asked to look at whether or not this type of use conformed with the city's cannabis ordinance.

Prior to Monday night's hearing, police and fire agencies reviewed and signed off on the plans with some minor changes like the size of gas canisters used.

The commission voted three to one to approve volatile manufacturing for that parcel.

The three yes votes deferred to the reviews conducted by police and fire agencies. The lone no vote said the facility was just too close to 4th Street.

Nothing will change overnight. Any business that wants to lease the space will also have to apply for permits. The building must also be renovated.

Eureka Development Services Director Rob Holmlund Said, "The next step is building permits, so they'd have to comply with all safety requirements established by the building, fire and police departments so installation of security cameras, fire walls, all kinds of safety requirements and then they'll be approved for operations."

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