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Hi guys! I'm completely new on this forum and this is my second grow. I really appreciate to read the many grow journals on the web so I decided to share mine with you!

So for the root medium I mixed the recommended dosage of the organic fertilizer "Jobes 4-4-4"(half a cup for 5 gal) with promix in 5 gals smart pots.
And since my grow is 100% organic and since I grow in promix I don't have the need to monitor my ph nor my ppm. I'm just giving theses girls plain water.

I planted six beans(my own genetics, kush n cheese x chocolate mint og and kush n cheese x lemon thai kush). it's now 20 day since(bean germinated the 10 december and planted the 13) and I selected my two best phenotypes of each strains cross.

I think I will wait another 10-15 days before turning them 12/12.
What do ya think?

Ps: the last plant is a little "bonus" It has nutrient problems, so I cut it off and keep only the biggest lower branch, trying to do a little one bud...


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Three new updates for yaaaa!

The plant on the first photo is a cross between kush n cheese x chocolate mint og and the plant on the
second photo is the kush n cheese x lemon thai kush cross.

The last photo is a cross between kush n cheese and chocolate mint og, I only tried to fim her(so I don't think it is stress related), but she started growing in 3 sets of leaf per node and then in 4 set of leaves leafs per nodes. At the beggining she was not my best phenotype, but now she seem to be growing very fast... look very much like the chocolate mint og. I think I will buy another led to keep her as a bonsai mother: How to Create a Bonsai Mother for Unlimited Clones | Grow Weed Easy


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