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Cabinet Weeds Out Problem

Jim Finnel

Fallen Cannabis Warrior & Ex News Moderator
Bulgaria - While Prime Minister Sergei Stanishev was receiving European Commission (EC) vice-president Guenther Verheugen on August 27, reporters waiting outside the Cabinet building found a marijuana plant in one of the flowerpots next to the building.

After some investigation, the Government's press service published a statement which said: “We are extremely grateful to our media colleagues who discovered a 40cm cannabis plant growing right under the noses of ministers.

"Most of all we are charmed by the competence showed by our colleagues who were impeccable in identifying the plant among the other decorative plants.

"Apparently, the Cabinet staff spent weeks and even months busy with their duties without being able to identify the cannabis. This is why we want you to accept our sincere apologies for us missing out on the cannabis. We are pleased to inform you that the problem [the plant] was literally weeded out”.

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