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Well, since I live in So. Cali...thank God for freedom, I Am a medical MJ user, yet since age 13 off and on user. So since the cal. Sup. Court put no limits on what I can grow, I have the required 25 sq ft area and more, I grow my own.

Yet, not a fancy grower, but I did once grow a closet plant that only yielded 7 grams....but OMG it knocked you on your butt! One little hit was equal to three bowls. I think because I added so much product each watering. I also use distiled.

In today's air, meaning, about 5 months ago, maybe more, we were renting, July we moved and now own. Had electrical rewired, and to include some outdoor plugs. My private garden.

About 4 months ago I bought a caninet at sears, and yet had I known a better one at Lowes for less.....oh well. It's been my growing room, just for one plant. Then I noticed in my renting house in my flower garden, a new MJ plant a brewing!!!!

The one I started, turns out not to be male and is a monster. Trunk the size of a bit bigger than size 2 pencil. The one from the garden is bushy and lighter green. I think my monster is either green crack or AK-47 or a Purp, dark green, but both have sativa leaves.

I water with reg water about once every two weeks. Fish fert in a galon water about every 5 or 6 waters. I burn a big energy flood light 120 I believe. I burn for 20 hours a day. 4 hours dark. I have not changed that for about 5 months. No flowers yet and it stands almost 4 feet tall.

The bushy one, is about 2 feet tall, but Like a nice BUSH! :)) I went into reading cloning.

So I ordered my clonex, I watched the video's and I ordered my rockwool as well. I picked a bottom of the bushy and one bottom from the monster, clippings. I split the stem, dipped in clonex, nice tear size, put the small bushy in the rockwool, however the hole was way bigger than the stem. I hoped it will live.

I put the monster clone in the rockwool. This was about 3 weeks ago. I lost the little bushy. :-(( The MONSTER, well....looks like I've got the next clone monster plant on the way, it lived!!!

Waiting on roots, but it's growing. I guess the stem just has to be big enough. So my first act at cloning, I lost one, and gained one, which I would rather I have the exact DNA of the monster!!! :))

My story is just about simple is sometimes best, easy to do. Cabinet $99.00 Clonex and rockwool, amazon $15. to $24.00 flood light $3.99 energy saver 120 watt. Which is actually burning only's how they work, more light less money.

In the end, I have a feeling the monster will be a 6 foot plant if not more, I will make more clones. 20 hours is giving it a wonderful time to just keep growing, in the mean time, dispensaries take care of me well.
Thanks for reading! Thanks for all the help from those whom showed they cared. And for those that don't, suc-it! :blunt:
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