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Caesar's FIRST outdoor grow!


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Hey guys, as the title states, this is going to officially be my first outdoor grow. Just so you know, I'm growing out of Southwestern Ontario. I'll post the information I have right now and I'm going to need some help from you guys since I have quite a few questions, hope you don't mind! Well, here goes...

caesar's first outdoor grow

Number of Seeds: 15
Number of Spots: 4
Type of Strain: Unknown/Bag Seeds
Estimated Plant Date: May 1/09
Grow Type: Outdoor - Soil
Soil Type: Unsure
Ferts: Unsure

Okay, so here's what I know to date: I have currently picked out 2 spots, which I've taken just a few shots of to see what you guys think. Don't forget, it's February so the ground's still iced up, anyway here they are. *Note: Pics are linked to my folder if you want to read a little more about them.*

Spot #1

Spot #1 - South-facing Canopy

Spot #2

Spot #2 - South-facing Canopy

These are pics of the 2 spots I've kind of decided on and as I've said, I'll be planting at 4 different spots. Im assuming 2 maybe 3 plants per spot after the males are pulled if I'm lucky. How much space should I leave for each plant to be able to grow fully? I know for a fact there are at least a few deer around there, which I'm not worried about, I'll either fence, piss around it or do both. But can I use deer shit as a fertilizer? There's a bunch nearby so it wouldn't be tough to get ahold of but is it better if I just use regular ferts?

I also haven't decided if I'm going to germinate my seeds then plant them of if I'm going to pot them first then transfer them, I just really have no place to grow them indoors at all. Should I plant them right outdoors after germination? Should I pot grow them? Is it possible to plant them in a biodegradable planter right at my grow site and just let it compost? Let me know.

Soil + Fertilizers
I've heard many things about soil, my plan was to dig my spots and use 2 parts potting soil and 1 part soil from the dig. Should I be mixing a different type of soil? Also, should I be adding fertilizers first? If so, what mix is good? I guess it depends whether or not I'm planting right after germination but let me know.

Also, I've heard dry grass clippings work well on the top of your soil, is this true because I have an abundance of grass clippings nearby as well. Do they work well as insulation for the topsoil?

Watering + Nutes
I've been reading up on watering and nutes. Is there an easy way to make an easy watering system? I have length of hose, this is not a problem, but I read something about cutting a hole in the top of a milk jug and glueing your hose inside it and running it to the site, but how does the water even flow?

What type of nutrient mixture should I be watering my plants with when I plant them? Considering I don't know for sure what I'm going to have strain-wise, I want something that will work with most plants. Also, I can make it to the site every day or 2 so it's no problem getting there to water, I just need to know whats best.

Shopping List
- Distilled or R/O water (probably distilled since I'm not rich lol)
- pH up/down (recommended???)
- pH tester
- ferts: (micro, grow and flower mix???)
- fence materials
- water tubing

- planters???

*Note: bolded items are items I already own or do not need to purchase.*

Let me know if you see anything else I may need and please give me any suggestions or hints on anything you can, I'm looking foreward to your feedback guys!!!

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U can put the germinated seeds rite insoil,i use pots, and use like eggshells and potato skin in the soil for extra nutes and nitrogen/ co2


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