CajunCanna's Very First Time

maybe at the most a couple of big leaves up top so the light can get it but like i was saying on the other thread you got you don't really have to, and you can bring the cfl's closer or put them on the sides for side lighting
you got the 600 mh up top how close is that to the tops? maybe you can bring it closer


Ill hold off on trimming anything for now. I think I'm just getting a little over zealous lol I just want the girls to get big.. That cart is perfect. I'll hang on to that for sure thanks Cronic.

I also have another 250w CFL on the way. If I need more light Ill have it ready but I think I will be fine. I can crank up my MH if I need extra light it's on running at 50%. Once I get the flow table in I might line the 3 CFL's around the bottom of the plants and have the MH up top. Thanks again for all the help and I apologies for all the noob questions. :thanks: :Namaste:
I would remove some of the fan leaves from your plants to open up the plants to more light so the side branches can grow more. In vegetative growth the plants will quickly recover. you can most likely lower your light reflector to give more light to your plants. place your hand underneath the light bulb to the point you can not feel any heat from it and lower your reflector to that height, raise the light as your plants grow.

here are some Lumen versus distance charts, they do not account for heat






Thanks KingJ you guys are the shit lol. I have so much to learn about this stuff. You guys have forgot more than I'll ever know. I'm am grasshopper lol..
I finally got all my parts for my flood table in. I hope to have it in place for the weekend. I figure I'll be doing my weekly water change so I'll put it in place then.

I still don't see any sex of the planets just yet. Feb 9th will be one month from planting. I'm thinking I will go the rest of Jan veging then come Feb 1st I'll switch over to 12/12 and see what happens.
looking very nice,

if you dont want to trim the bigger leaves off then tie them out the way, i often tuck leaves out the way if i cant be bothered to pull them off or if its in flower, i only trim in veg and i find trimming in flower dont really benefit the end results so i tie leaves out the way in flower or tuck them under other leaves so the plant is not spending time repairing damage which can stunt the plant for a week to 10 days.

you will find that once you pull them leaves out the way the growth thats below it will soon start to pick up, if its not getting light then growth will be slow and node spacing will be bigger, get the light to all parts of the plant and this will limit the amount of stretch,

for example when i have plants in different stages of growth but all in the same room, if one plant grows bigger than another and its totally blocking the light from getting to it then the smaller plant will stretch like crazy until it reaches the canopy where the light is, this means you have huge node spacing and you then end up with lots of small buds instead of the buds all joining up and forming one huge bud at the ends of branches.

some growers defol and some dont, some swear it works and i find it does so often remove leaves in veg, some also defol after day 21 of 12-12 or at least after the stretch period of 12-12, again ive tried this and had mixed results,some strains respond well and others just slow down and stop growing while it repairs the damage, so now i only remove leaves blocking light getting to the rest of the plant in veg or at least tuck the leaves or tie them out the way. the other option is to use some low stress training to open the plant up, i use pipe cleaners as their bendy and gentle on the plants then i use these to open the plant up so its all getting the best light possible.
how tall are the plants currently and how high is it in total height from the floor up to the top of the plant?
figure size of the plant how much space you have left till you cant move your lights
considering the fact the plants will stretch in flower 2-3 times its size
then you can decide when to flip don't forget the total height of the tent is minus the light height
you cant get the bottom of the light to 6'5" so figure you have to minus the light into the eqation
Happy Tokerday Cajun :thumb:
How did this grow turn out?

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