CajunCelt's Sativa - Medical - 12 Strains - Last of 2014

Ok, 1 more & we're done.
Chocolope Kush




Here's the rest.
So, I should mention these lights. Awesome. They've changed my tents forever. Seriously. I've already donated my hid lighting.
I've mentioned some of the tweaks needed throughout the grow, but I love my lights.

I'll send pm's out when I fire up again in may or so. My older friends here know I'm usually drama free, but this grow...whew.

So, next will be:
Blue Dream
CBD Shark Shock
Bubba Kush
Either Ghost Fire Kush or Violator K.

I'll be sending positives your way this week cajun....stand strong, bro.:circle-of-love:
Good yes very good. The BM's...well I'm pedantic. and the BM modules ...there's not much in the way to mount from or to, but I'm almost ready to put them in for the last 3-4 weeks flowering, so ....keen to see what happens then :)
I'm pretty amped about it. Or, as LA & Skunny would say, chuffed.
NORML/PACT has asked me to do a live seminar for World Cannabis Week that they tape on medicinal concentrates like RSO and their use in fighting chronic diseases.
Why Thank You Brother:)....i am a bit gutted that i lost the motm title as you and Skunny and those who voted for me made all this possible and more and i didnt even keep the title a month:/....but am happy to have the new title:)....gonna send you a PM now:)....check back in a few minutes:)
Hi Cajun, thinking of you and wanted to stop by.....that is epic that you are going to the cup and your talk will be for the record books....for NORML...very impressive...your experience and evidence using concentrates will only add to the overwhelming evidence that cannabis heals and should be legalized all across the US at both the state and federal level.....until then keep activism alive....go make us proud, Cajun, you rock...

Can't think of a better place to spend a legal state.
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