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Thanks, all of you.
If any of y'all can make it, I'll be speaking at 6:00 pm Lounge 3, Crown Plaza Hotel, downtown Denver on Sat. April 18th.
I'll post the tape when I get it. Be good to sleep to I'm sure.

I will be there in spirit I hope that it goes real well for you :thumb:
Love an Blessings to you an Mrs Cajun:circle-of-love:


Member of the Month: April 2015 - Grow Journal of the Month: June 2017
Thanx Jaga. I would fly you 2 over if I could.

Hey our Cajun Celt friend truthfully if we had the cash we would be in the USA :thumb:I feel so proud of you and L.A. him reaching out at Spain now your good self chatting live about the RSO Oil,,it is very exciting times at 420 is there a way to listen in from the UK :circle-of-love:
Have a good day and lots of Love and Blessing,s to you and yours:5::5::green_heart:


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Smoke Report:

Well, I don't have any grows going so I'll put this here.

The S. Surfer Haze is cured great now. Great smell. Typical Haze peppery smell/taste.
The high is a sativa high. Heady, creative, alert, no couch lock, can go to work.
I wish it lasted a red hair longer, but I tend to always add that.
Great daytime smoke. Real similar to Blue Dream.


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lol. I had to reread your post twice:19: I misreaed honery for horny:19: lol

I did the same thing and reread....Cajun, go easy bro, undergoing chemo for Christ sake....I see you sounding off without your own journal, and frankly, I think you miss one.....keep sounding off and don't apologize....enjoy the time to heal, go off to Denver and be a celebrity, take good pics and document your own trip for us at 420, you are growing in a new direction and offering more of the world your sparkle....so sparkle on and then come back to us with a full report, sprout some new beans, and start the new journal....


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That is amazing about the seminar... I would give anything if I could be there... Sending the very best karma to ya to make it as awesome as it possibly can be and hopefully good things will come out of it for you.... This could be just amazing IMO....:circle-of-love:


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Well this is embarrassing. I thought they shut this down already.
Hell, I was just posting to keep cracking myself up. Lol.
I was hiding out though.

Shawnee, girl, you are so right. When I start giving advise out, I'm usually waiting on something over here, like flowering.
I need a grow, but I'm about to move. I've been in a holding pattern for awhile, but it's over around May. I've got everting ready but the water on the beans.

Thank you guys about World Cannabis Week. I'm not taking up the day. I go on at 6:00pm, Sat. but I get to be in the discussion with Bad Kitty the cannacook & oil guru.
I can't wait.

They're trying to let me in to the Red Rock so I can show Snoop what Gulf Coast Green Crack is. I don't care for rap, but I like him.

I'm going on a grow tour Sat. am where Ed Cervantes speaks. It's 5 hours & free.

Entry into the Cannabis Cup.

That's about it & I'm very grateful. I preach a lot, but some one listened & man, do they have some pull I guess.

I will post a thread when I'm back.

Green Dreamz

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Good morning my Friend:)....glad to hear you have the move sorted out for the most part:)....man i am so happy for you.....Denver is going to be the shit....and if you meet Snoop .....then tell him i love his snoop dogg g pen for wax:19::19:....and tell him Green Dreamz said High:):19:....i mean i am the biggest whore in the world!!!...You do realize how many people have had Green Dreams:19:...ok...a little early and i am a bit off my rocker....but thats ok.....i am in the right company:19:lol


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Morning Cajun. I am so looking forward to your ''Denver'' smoke review. Have a great time. Just make us :drool: drool with your report. Just remember our motto, First in, Last out! Just beware of the altitude. You'll already start a mile high when you hit that first bowl. Enjoy.
Excuse please, good tack this morning.

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