CajunCelt's Sativa - Medical - 12 Strains - Last of 2014

Yeah, it has been a bumpy year for you, but you're stuck with us buddy. You're needed here to keep spreading the good word and healing. I know the tragedy that is murphys law, and it gets me a lot lol. But i think you got nothing to worry about man. You're gonna get there and be a rock star of the medical cannabis side, but deep down you already know that. That'll be cool to see one of them massive grows on a tour, and the chance to meet jorge. Gonna be a super busy but fruitful weekend man, so make sure you enjoy the crap out of it, cause it an awesome opportunity. I'll have to make sure and check out lectures. I'm hoping you'll have the effect on everyone that you and 420 MO have here in the oil threads. It would be awesome to see something, anything get passed here. Hell, I'm still waiting for the judge Mueller decision on rescheduling it. Shaking hands with rappers and mmj leaders, moving on up man, moving on up. I'm scared to see what my norml chapter would be like, they'd probably make yours look very professional. I'm glad they could hear your message over the rec user noise. We need to make sure you're heard, cause legalization starts with medical. You guys are the reason things are changing. Helping dispel all the misinformation the govt and big pharma put out there. You guys are doing gods work.
10-4 on what Peyton said, doing God's work with the awesome healing Cannabis plant...Cajun, I am a Scotch/Irish midwestern girl who shares the Native American spiritual values and has horses is all.....I do have a wee bit of Indian in me, but not will be rubbing elbows with Jorge and I will be at the Barnes and Noble buying his new book which comes out on 4/20....I never had his first book, but figure this new one will be the standard for the next 25 years and then I will be dead...hahahahaha
Hey there Shawnee, good to see another midwestern person here. We seem to be a rare breed lol. I've got a good mix of Dutch Scottish Irish going on too, with a tiny dash of Cherokee in there, but you can't tell. I'm just a regular white guy lol.
hey Peyton, I'm like you....just your average down to earth midwestern white chick who grows and advocates marijuana....just living the dream with loads of gratitude........hoping that everyone gets the chance to feel the same way as I do sooner rather than later.....
Crap man. Wish you lived closer. I'd have ya smiling. These long distance friendships are hard. Lol.

Yeah, I'm pretty stoked about it. My bad for whining, but I haven't had a lot reasons to smile in awhile. This past year was afreaking nightmare. You know most of it. I was supposed to moving to Denver, not just this World Weed thingy. I still keep expecting them to tell me I'm not going after all. I've got all the tickets & stuff though. But, Murphy's Law.
I'm closing the edibles/concentrates lecture series on Sat. My niche is the medical side of it.
The Friday before, they're taking me on a grow to hang out with Jorge Cervantes & the Green Man folks. Some party after.
On that Mon., 4/20, they have me a pass to the Red Rock theater show. I'm supposed to be meeting a famous rapper, but I've learned not to hold my breath for stuff.
P.A.C.T. & NORML are video taping my hole thing. It's being used by the Marijuana Policy Project to pass legislation for medical use in f'ed up states like yours & mine.
In my state, 3 medical bills are being presented thanks to the 3 organizations above.
420 has helped me get the word out too& gain/give knowledge.
I told the NORML national president that my local chapter was a joke. Bunch of kids chanting how bad they wanna get high while wearing fake rasta poser stuff. They need serious ppl to deal with serious issues. Like medical cannabis. We talked all about the oil, Rick Simpson, CannaBudwig Protocol. I got them hooked up with PACT & then they did this for me. Crazy world.
Anyway, as a mostly medical user of or wonderful plant, it's nice to get heard over the rec crowd from time to time.
You're a vet too bro. I know guys that couldn't go outside without cannabis. Plus, the chronic illnesses?

Then, they set me up

Dude I am so amazingly impressed... I would give my eye teeth to even have a chance to hang out with those peeps... You are the perfect person to be out there trying to make the world listen... I am so proud to know you even in our virtual world.....:high-five:.....:circle-of-love:
LA you are exactly right about Karma right in the US the sun, moon, and planets are all lining up in a big state is legal on the medical side right now...signatures will be collected this summer to legalize rec in 2016.

The governor has a bill on the table to raise the state tax another 1% to pay for road repairs from our brutal one is in favor....however, taxes raised on rec MJ will more than pay for new road repairs, so I'm sure it will pass just for that reason....

2016 is also a Presidential election can bet that anyone running for office better be prepared to discuss and support ending prohibition or they will not get the votes.....

You talk about right place, right time....well, this is it....
Dude I am so amazingly impressed... I would give my eye teeth to even have a chance to hang out with those peeps... You are the perfect person to be out there trying to make the world listen... I am so proud to know you even in our virtual world.....:high-five:.....:circle-of-love:

Wow, thanx D. The public speaking part has me a Lil anxious, but I'll go into Mr. Know it All mode probably & get through it. I'm Cajun & a little passionate. It gets me through. Lol.

Yep my friend its just Karma and your very very deserving of all this! I'm just excited to see the medical side pulling such focus as you say over the recreational side if things. Its clearly the key to opening so much up! :)
Bravo buddy! :)

Yes sir. That's been my point in my specific area's fight in this. They had these 20 year olds painting their faces, wearing fake rasta wigs marching through the streets yelling childish slogans acting obnoxious.
That's all I addressed with them that night for my speak thingy. Man, the this came out & I stepped in a hornets nest. I left early.

Their Pres called me & asked me what happened & said he had heard it was like that.
I told him medical opened the gate in every single legal state. Blah, blah.
Had a meeting at the state capitol with them & Vincent from PACT. They used my story of my medical issue & my experience with mmj to speak with all the applicable committee heads to field 3 medical bills.

Oh, I almost forgot!
The World Marijuana Week goes on for a week, but the Cannabis Cup, which is it's on deal, is only the weekend.
They sent me a link by email to for VIP entry to the Cup all 3 days! That'll be my fun.

I can't go Sat. cause of the other stuff, but I'm definitely going Sun.
There's a show I've a pass to at Fiddlers Green to a music show, but I'll probably gift it.
The 420 show at Red Rock on Mon. is cause I they thought I was disabled in a wheel chair. I told them I do yoga, go to work, etc. & the only reason I'd go to the two concert, would be to smoke out with Snoop.
I got another email. I'm supposed to bring my own personal Gulf Coast Kush. Hmm.
I'm trying to hide my excitement.

This time last year I was told I had 6 months to live. I was worried about my harvest!
They were wrong & this year is looking good. Knock on wood.

I hate to copy you old friend, but I'll do a big blog/journal of it in a few weeks. I'll have a Go Pro camera too. Not sure exactly what that is, but they said I'll love it. I think it will be on my hat?
That's so awesome that they're wanting you to bring your strain. That's a really big deal man! I'd see about getting a couple seeds to snoop dogg. And with the go pro camera on your head, don't look down when you go pee lol.
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