CajunCelt's Spring '14 Grow - Vanilla Kush - 1970 True OG - N.L. - Blue Cheese

A few quick tips:
Do a quick wash. 5 min is plenty. A longer soak will not produce more THC.

Make sure you decarb as per the directions.

No water. Not for anything.

Most people overheat the oil on the 1st try. It comes out like a sticky hockey puck. Keep temps tight & keep an eye on it.

The 1st time is the hardest. You'll do fine.
The quick wash.....ok i didnt really understand whaat i am suppose to it just pouring the everclear over the top of the bud and the smashing and mixing.....i am freezing the bud and everclear overnight.....i ha ve the bud in an open container in the freezer....should it be sealed......also i bougt the nuwave digital cooktop so hopefully temps wont be an issue:)
Well, pretty much done here. The medicine has been filled, everyone's happy.

I was pretty much right on with weights.

Blue Cheese- 1.7 oz
WWxCC- 6+ oz
True OG- 2.4 oz
Vanilla Kush- 3.2 oz

I'm in a situation at the moment (relocating), so am going to shut this down.

Thanks for following along & come visit my Xmas grow & Medical grows.
Final harvest "tally".
The Big Bang yielded great as usual (4oz) which is awesome for this grow.
All total, about 18 oz's. I'm happy.

Thanx for following!
Awesome job Cajun:).......on a sadder note....attempted the oil today....i think there is a problem with the temp was very side of the measuring cup would be 120 the other 190.....only boiled off the milky part of it in spurts....then temps went up crazy almost 300....nuwave was set on 240......splatter and sticky oil all over the damn kitchen....was only able to get a couple rice grain size sucked up in the syringe and i dont even know if its any good or just trash it....glad i only did 1 ounce instead of both.....what a fiasco:(....oh well for now he is enjoying the cookies....i will make more with what i have left as i know better what i am doing there....cant afford to wasted anymore:)......i will try it again with a plate warmer maybe next time, but it will be a while as i am pretty torqued right now that i screwed it up and dude with cancer is the one who goes without.....sorry about the mini rant bro:)....just wanted you to know it had the time finally:)
Thanks for sharing your grow with us.

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I’m moving this to Completed Journals now.

Hope all is well in your world.

Love and respect from all of us here at 420 Magazine.

:joint::xmas:Merry Xmas Cajun... Hit me with an invite once you start a new journal:joint::xmas:
Awesome stuff. My shatter just tested at 77% thc. No wonder that stuff helps so much.

Did you think Cali-connection Tahoe og was super Stony?

I just got there Blackwater crossed with Tahoe og. I hope it test as high as my incredible bulk did just under 24%. Great strain to try if u like skunk.
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